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My name is Mardhiyyah Rosli but you can call me Mya or Diya, I am 24 years old, born on 15th January. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I love reading books and watching anime. My new hobby that makes me want to create the blog is cooking and baking. I love to try new recipes and share it with others. The failure and success of my recipes and the moments, I taste it by myself and indulge it. So yummy!

By the way, I am an introvert person. I preferred people introduced themselves first, then I will introduce mine. I am really a shy person. Shy at the beginning of the first conversation and I don't even like to talk face to face. I preferred doing everything using text. No phone call or even meeting each other except for my close friends. For them, I am a crazy girl that need to slow down a little bit.
Besides, I can easily get sensitive and too emotional especially when watching other people's suffering. People that don't have power or money to change their life.

Another fact that only people who very close to me have seen it, a fierce person. I easily get annoyed by loud and busybody people. Don't you have other work to do? Busy gossiping other people's life. After having major depression in life that turned me upside down, I always overthink what other people think about me. That's why I create this blog to share my life experiences and my interests to readers. Help readers that have problems with their life by giving tips to solve it and I will try help as much as I can.

My favourite colour is blue. Whenever I go to shopping, the first colour I choose is blue.

Favourite quote: Truth doesn't get you many friends but it does get you the right one.

Any inquiries, advertorial, sponsorship, collaboration and review,  kindly email me at You also can call or Whatsapp me at +60192496259

Thank you...

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