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Do You Like Your Name. Explain

Do You Like Your Name. Explain | Assalamualaikum,

Do You Like Your Name.


Today I want to talk about my name. How I got it and what is the meaning of it? A name is a unique ID for all people in this world. People called us by calling our name. If you don't have a name, how other people call you? Hey!! You want people to call you that. I don't. It kinda rude to people.

My name is Mardhiyyah Rosli. I got my name from my grandmother, that also have Mar in her name. The meaning of my name is "yang diredhai" a.k.a blessed. I like when people say my name correctly. However, there are few people say my name and write it incorrectly. There are people that call me, Madihah. Who is Madihah? I do not know that person. There are people who wrote my name, missing some letters. My name has double Y, but people always wrote it Mardiyah. See, another letter is missing, H. Please remember my name and say it correctly.

After all of this that happened to my name, I have decided to create a short and easy nickname. My nickname is Mya. By the way, I love my real name, Mardhiyyah Rosli. <3 How about you?

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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  1. Sama macam my mom, orang selalu silap ejaan & sebutan nama my mom 😂

  2. nama akak orang selalu ingat lelaki.. "encik hernee" hahaha


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