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Favourite Quote

Favourite Quote | Assalamualaikum,

Favourite Quote


Today I want to talk about my favourite quote. Why I choose this as my favourite? Did this quote related to me? Did something happen to me that makes me believe in this quote?


My favourite quote is believed in myself and stay strong. I have been struggling with my life for couple years ago. I am overstressed with something that happened very badly. I am having difficulties with my fellow friends. I don't get their trusts. They preferred listening to rumours from others than a real story from me. I don't know if they friends with for real or for something else. I will story a situation that makes me choose my friends wisely.

This situation happened when I was studying in diploma. A friend that close to you for something. In my second year, I already planned to stay with some of my friends at a rental house. But one of them is telling me to get out from there. You know why? She said that I will troubling other people for not having transportation. There are other girls that do not have transportation but why me? She texts me about it that I do not belong to that place and post it on facebook about me. I feel so terrible.

After that, I choose my own way by living with new friends in a dorm near the campus. I don't need their transport at all. I went to class by walking. I changed back to the original class because I passed all papers. By the way, the friends that kicked me out from the house before are looking for me again after what she have done. But I don't care. I can survive on my own and with my new friends. I don't need them anymore. A friend that close to you for her own wishes and left you like you are nothing to her.

I can do everything by myself. I just need to believe in myself that I can do it. You can't depend on someone that might leave you soon enough. But sometimes, without someone supporting you from behind also can make you fall badly. That's why I need to choose my friends wisely and at the same time believe in myself to achieve something impossible to me. Stay strong, Mya.

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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