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Five Places I Want To Visit And Why?

Five Places I Want To Visit And Why?

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I want to ask something to you. How many times you have been going to vacation domestic and overseas? Do you know why I'm asking you this question? I am asking you this question because the topic for today is five places I want to visit and give the reasons. 

I will answer the question how many times I have been going to vacation. All vacation that I have gone to is domestic.I can't remember how many times I've visited around Malaysia. I don't have a passport to go overseas. The last vacation I go is Cherating, Pahang. I went with my family. I rarely going to vacation because I don't have enough money to travel alone. My family left me out for once because I am still studying. They were going to Pulau Tioman for my family day. I want to follow too. They are doing some fun activities including snorkelling. *cry*

Let's start the five places I want to visit right now.

  1. Mekah.  A place where Muslim do hajj and umrah. I want to bring my parents here with my own money. 
  2. Paris, France. I want to visit here because there is a lot of desserts are from there. I want to see how they made each of the desserts with my own eyes such as chocolates, macaroon, eclairs, croquembouche, and crepes. I want to take a picture at Eiffel Tower. 
  3. Spring Season at Japan. I want to play in piles of cherry blossom (Sakura). I choose Spring season because I can't withstand cold temperature. I even thought when arriving there in winter, I might be collapsed. Another thing, I am not otaku but I love anime and Japanese language. I'm still learning it by myself.
  4. Gold Coast, Australia. I want to visit koala and kangaroo in their zoo. However, I hate shark and crocodile. I know Aussie famous with both of animals. I will not play near the beach. Just stay at the hotel and walk around the zoo.
  5. Malaysia. I want to visit all states of Malaysia and its popular landmark. I still have a few states that I want to visit such as Perlis, Sabah and Sarawak. Someday, I will conquer all states by travelling with or without family.
That's all for today. How about you?

Mya Rosli

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  1. 1. Korea
    2. Gold Coast/perth
    3. New zealand
    4. Manchester, England
    5. Sabah terutama kundasang.

    kalaulah banyak duitkan hehe

    1. Korea? Minat K-Pop ke? Kita hanya merancang, in sha allah ada cukup duit, fly lah..

    2. haha tak minat langsung. jepun dah pergi, pergi negara jiran korea plak

  2. no1 tu dah tercapai, alhamdulillah. yg no3 sama, nak sangat pergi jepun tp belum ada rezeki lg.


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