List 5 Things That You'd Love To Experience In The Future

by - Tuesday, May 16, 2017

List 5 Things That You'd Love To Experience In The Future |Assalamualaikum,

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Hi, we meet again.

Today I want to talk about 5 things that I would love to experience in the future. There are many things that I love to try for more experiences. I am not an active person after stop playing sports when I was 18 due to studies. I will list 5 things that I want to do long ago but due to certain circumstances, I have to hold it. *drum roll, please*

Five things that I would love to experience in the future are:-

  1. Learn Martial Arts
    When I was a kid, I want to learn taekwondo. However, the fee to join the club is unaffordable for my parents. So, I need to forget that wish. That wish is coming back to me after one of my lecturers asked whether I want to join their club. He said you are a tall girl and definitely can kick higher. I have to say no because I've become a shy girl. If I have another chance to learn any martial arts, I will grab it.
  2. Outdoor Activities
    I love doing outdoor activities since I was a kid. I try to participate in outdoor activities such as camping and school trip. I've done wall climbing before but never finished to the top. I always join the activities that been organised by the school. I want to get more involved by doing it by myself or with my friends. 
  3. Snorkelling and Swimming
    I want to learn swimming because I love playing in the pool. The only thing can I do is walk around the pool and submerged myself to wash my head. When I try to swim forward, I will go downward to the bottom. I also want to try snorkelling because all my family members have done that. I'm the only one doesn't because I was studying and been left out for the holiday at Pulau Tioman.
  4. Travelling Overseas
    Jealous seeing other people that I know have traveled overseas. I want to go but I don't have a passport. I need to settling my debt before I got to go overseas. I want to experience spring season especially at Japan.
  5. Culinary Arts
    I started to love baking after struggling and having a long holiday at home. I love trying recipes that I found in internet. I want to further my studies and my career in culinary arts. 
What are the new things that you want to experience in future?

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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  1. Yang first dengan no 4 tu best.. Teringin juga..

    1. mya tengah cari duit sendiri, baru boleh capaikan apa yang di atas. asyik guna duit mak ayah je. bila masa pulak nak balas jasa diorg.

  2. jemput join giveaway..dh nk tmt tempoh!


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