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My Biggest Fears

My Biggest Fears | Assalamualaikum,

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Today I would like to talk about my biggest fears. I have a lot of fear and sensitive person. There are many fears that I have but I will list the one that affects me the most.  I will exclude my family. Missing family is everyone biggest fear.

Firstly, anything about ghost or horror. I want to avoid every horror movie that terrible horror. After I watched a horror movie, I will be imagined and think about it until night. It makes me hard to fall asleep. If I do sleep, I will have the terrible nightmare that I see it near me. I always sleep with light off but I need a tiny light from another room. If it too dark, especially after watching a horror movie, I am shivering and I will turn on the lights or sleep with someone else. So, I will avoid it at every cost.

Furthermore, one more thing that I fear is the dog. I have a situation that makes me feel scared when I heard the dog barking. It happened 7 years ago when I was on the way back home from school. I walk alone because I have netball training that evening, my friend needs to stay back because of extra class. I was walking the same path as every day, however, that day after I saw the dog I change my path and walk through football field. I walk quickly as I can. I wish that I never met that dog again. That dog looks like the police dog, K9. From that moment, every time I heard a dog barking, I will quickly run away. Even though, the dog has been tamed. I still run away.

Finally, the last thing I fear the most is insects especially cockroaches. There are certain insects I am okay with. The poisonous insects I want to avoid it. But cockroaches, I am trauma with it. The first time I hate cockroaches was 8 to 9 years ago, it happened in my room. I was listening mp3 through my brother’s phone while lying down on the bed. Then, I felt something are crawling at my feet. I quickly stood up + my brother phone’s case broke into two. That’s all cockroach fault. Since that day, I am very alert to every movement in the house. If I saw one at the bathroom, I will quickly kill it using body wash. That’s why I said I am a sensitive person. I can hear every noise and movement near me very clearly.

What are your biggest fears? Tell me about it.

That’s all for today.

Mya Rosli

p/s: I wrote this entry in the morning because my mobile data is 500mb left and I am going back to KL this evening. 

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