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My Top 5 Pet Peeves

My Top 5 Pet Peeves | Assalamualaikum,

My Top 5 Pet Peeves


The topic for today is something that I just study about it. I thought pet peeve is about a pet. Actually, the pet peeve is something that annoys or bother a person too much. Today I want to talk about my pet peeve. Something that annoys me too much.

My top 5 pet peeve is:-

  1. Repeating myself.
    I hate when people asked something that I need to repeat more than twice. It shows that people do not pay attention to you. I hate people that repeating themselves more than twice too. I can hear everything very clearly, you don't have to repeat it loudly. 
  2. Unannounced visitors.
    I know we should treat our visitors nicely. Sometimes, I hate unannounced visitors. Come to our house without warning. At least, if they announced their visiting, I can prepare more than usual. You came to someone house unannounced with your family, we serve you to eat and drink but the children of the owner didn't get to eat. Don't you feel sorry for them?  I feel sorry because I've been through it. I don't care how many you want to eat if the food is many. But now, the owner of the house has decided to cook a few just for her family. This certain people are annoyed me. 
  3. Touching my things without asking.
    I think every people don't like other people touching their stuff. So do I. I want some privacy. Unless I give permission on it. You touched my stuff, you rearranged their position and you break some of the stuff. Who doesn't get mad? Especially precious things that have a memory with it. If you want to touch, please ask permission. I don't get angry. Okay?
  4. Loud people.
    I don't like people that speak very loudly. I mean their tone of speaking is very hard. I talk to you nice and slow but you talk to me in an angry tone and loud. I don't like people that hear music loudly by themselves. They should respect the surrounding people. If you want to hear it really bad and loudly, wear your earphone or headphone. Don't disturb others. Please.
  5. Nosey people.
    "Orang yang sibuk jaga tepi kain orang lain". Gossip people. I don't care if you are gossip about yourself. It is your life. But please stop gossip about other people that can hurt their own feelings. You judge people based on what you heard or look. But you are not in their shoes. What they have faced to survived especially people like you. If you want to know the real story, ask themselves not creating it by yourself. Because of you, many families are destroyed.
What is your pet peeves? I hope there is no one hurts by what I stated above. This is just my opinion on what annoyed me.

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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  1. Hahahaha, I thought I was the only one who think pet peeve was about pet.

    // afifahaddnan

    1. It says pet peeve.. I thought I don't have any pet so I should skip this topic.. Finally, I've done it.


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