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Nicknames I Have and Why?

Nicknames I Have and Why? | Assalamualaikum,

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Today I would like to talk about my nicknames. I think everyone has a nickname including me. I have varieties of nickname such as Sitikus, KLCC, Mya dan Diyah. I will explain one by one how I got those names.

My nicknames.


I got this name when I was in Standard 3. I have a few boyfriend that I played with. Kids love playing too much. One of them is the one that started to called me Sitikus. He said my front teeth looks like a mouse. So, I pay back by calling him Rabbit. His front tooth really looks like a rabbit that will eat carrots whole his life. I always chased him when he called me that at school especially on recess. I lost contact with him after Standard 6.


Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) is the tallest building in Malaysia. I start to grow up much taller when I was in Standard 4. The one that called me KLCC are my juniors. He and his friend called me KLCC. I want to cry. He always called me KLCC after school. Even if we met at the supermarket nearby, he always wants a chance to called me that. But it was 12 years ago. By the way, I met his brother last Ramadhan and called me KLCC again in the bazaar. I thought someone called me, I tried to find where the voice is coming from. You!! not yelling because of crowded people. He just laughed at me. How could he do this to me?


I started using this nickname when I was in diploma. I thought my name, Mardhiyyah is hard to pronounce by someone else. I found it is hard for me too. I can't pronounce R correctly. So, when I introduced myself, I asked them to call me, Mya. Short and simple. Actually, the first time I am using Mya is for my email; mya_capricorn93. Until now, all my friend especially diploma and degree friends are calling Mya. I am using this name on this blog as Mya Rosli.

Finally, the last nicknames I got from my adorable cousins, nephew and nieces.


Maybe like I said, Mardhiyyah is too long even though the meaning of the name is the one that blessed. My adorable cousins can't call me that. It is hard for kids below 5 years to pronounce Mardhiyyah. They started called me Kakak Diyah, Mak Ngah Diyah and Kakak since my parents build a house here at Kuantan, near my hometown. They always called me when they saw I'm coming home from KL. They will cry if I missing in front of them. They like to do something they were not when I am nearby. They are so cute. Even though, both of them like to quarrel with each other. I love Baihaqi and Kakak Ira. I know both of you love each other. 

That's all for today. 

Mya Rosli

p/s: I have difficulties in finding which topic that suitable and loved by readers.

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  1. Biasalah, zaman dulu-dulu macam-macam gelaran ada 😂

    1. sebenarnya ada banyak lagi gelaran tapi semua berkaitan dengan mya punya tinggi

  2. Biasalah, zaman dulu-dulu macam-macam gelaran ada ��

  3. I loved Mya :)

    Just post whatever you want dear. Anything yang you feel to share :)

  4. Banyak juga nama panggilannya..


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