The Meaning Behind My Blog Name - Lovely Sunshine The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

The Meaning Behind My Blog Name|Assalamualaikum.. We meet again today for the 2nd day of Blog Day Challenge. The topic for today is The Meaning Behind My Blog Name. Why I choose Lovely Sunshine? Is that name related to me?

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I really love anime so much that I want to create a Japanese username. Actually Lovely Sunshine is the English translation of Utsukushinikko. Definition of Utsukushi is beautiful or lovely. I want to use Utsukushi in my life. That represents me, even though, not everyone thought me so. I found that combination of Lovely and Sunshine is beautiful and adorable. 

When I pronounce it as Lovely Sunshine, it's just right. I have been used Utsukushinikko for my other social media such as Twitter and Instagram. However, I don't want to put it as a blog name. So, I choose Lovely Sunshine as the substitute of Utsukushinikko. 

By the way, the anime that make me use Utsukushinikko is Fairy Tail. It is the best anime I have ever seen. Watch it and you'll love it.

That's all for today. See you tomorrow.

Mya Rosli

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