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What Do You Do When You're Home All Alone?

What Do You Do When You're Home All Alone? | Assalamualaikum,

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What do you do when you're home all alone? Usually, I will be left alone when people going out with their friends or my parents went to shopping. I want to tell you what do I do when being left alone before having a blog and after.


I always open my laptop first, thinking what anime that I should watch, preparing some food to eat while watching anime. Browsing the internet, looking at phone whether someone texting me or watching television. If there is no my favourite tv show, I will continue watching my anime until I get bored. When I am getting bored, I want to eat something sweet I will find it or make a simple sweet. Suddenly, I can hear thunder and rain. I quickly turn off the television and my laptop. I get scared easily when I heard thunder. I wish my parents get home quickly. I find my phone, turn on some music and SLEEP. 


I start blogging in March 2017 and my life changes 360 degrees. You know why?  I think my blog is my friend and my life. After having a couple entry and get to know other bloggers from Malaysia or worldwide, I love too faced my laptop every day. Wake up in morning, do some household chores, take a shower, eat while watching television and open my laptop. If I was left alone in weekday, I need to find recipe, ingredients and cook by myself. Usually, my mum that always cook at home. I just eat whatever she cooks. When I getting bored with TV shows, I will open my browser and my blog. Check whether people have left a comment, if yes I will publish it and blogwalking to their blog. If not, I will find quotes or some ideas to become my entry for that day. I will do the blogwalking all day until I feel sleepy. Turn off my laptop and sleep. 

That's all that I do when I am home alone. How about you?

See you tomorrow.

Mya Rosli

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  1. layan anime apa? kte dulu pon minat anime gak..hihi

    1. kalau nak mya senaraikan banyak sangat. anime yang mya minat kaichou wa maid sama, alice academy dan fairy tail. byk lagi sbnrnya.

    2. kaichou wa maid-sama tu my favourite juga :D
      kte suka anime mcm maid-sama ni tp byk layan yg lawan2 mcm naruto, hitman reborn dan apa lg ntah, lupa dah lama xlayan anime..hihi

    3. tapi sekarang dah kurang layan anime.. dah ada hobi baru, berblogging. bila xde internet baru nak tgk anime.


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