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What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

What Makes Me Feel Better, Always | Assalamualaikum,

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The topic for today is what makes me feel better, always. Sometimes when I am having a bad mood, there always something that I need to calm and feel better.

The first thing I really need is my pillow. I can calm myself just with a pillow. By having my pillow near me, I feel relaxed and sleepy. Even though, without my smartphone or my laptop. I still feel better with it.

Besides, I always listening to music when I am in a rage. It soothes my emotion. I always listen to it when my smartphone's battery is full.

Finally, I need my laptop to watch anime. By watching anime especially comedy part will let me forget what just happened to me. Everything happened that day are disappeared from my mind.

These 3 things I must have near me wherever I go except for my laptop. I only bring it with me if I stayed out more than 2 days. My pillow I need to have it everywhere I go. I don't mean a pillow that I bring from my house. I mean any pillow I found at the place where I stayed. Unless I need to bring it, I will bring it.

What makes you feel better, always.

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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  1. Betul...masa stress paling best tgok lawak,terus hilang stress hehe..

  2. Siqah suka bantal busuk je. Hehe :D

    Biasanya Mar tengok anime kat mana? Any recommendation anime yang lawak?

    1. Kdg2 kalau dah bosan tengok anime yang mya ada. Mya tengok kat kissanime. Semua jenis genre ada. Anime yang mya tengok ada comedy part sikit2 je tapi memang lucu laa.

  3. Hhaha, I like how simple you are. Only bantal? Awww, I even feel mad with my bantal not so empuk like before. and why is it bantal so expensive?

    btw, thanks for joining my segment and nice to meet you :D

    1. I'm not the one that bought bantal at the house.

      You're welcome and nice to meet you too


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