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Why I Started My Business

Why I Started My Business | Assalamualaikum,

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Everyone has their own goals to succeed. Today is a day where I shared my goals and the BIG WHY I started a business even though as dropship of Nurraysa. We need to keep our goals in mind to achieve it. To prevent ourselves from giving up. 


I want to pay my all debts.
I want to find more experiences.
I want to join baking classes.
I want to chase my final dream job as a pastry chef.
I want to bring my parents for travelling.
I want to marry someone who love me.
I want to have a car license and buy my own car.
I want to buy a smartphone or a tablet.
I want to buy a house.
I want to be a successful person.

This are the list of my BIG WHY. What is your BIG WHY?

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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  1. Wah bagus nya dik...suatu hari nati awak pasti akak menjadi seorang usahawan yang berjaya, teruskan berniaga online, bidang yang mudah dan cepat mendapat apa yg kita hajati.

    Akak doakan ya

  2. Alhamdulillah..bagus tu walaupun bermula dengan dropship mana tahu nanti akan lebih berkembang kan..semoga terus berjaya

  3. U have big heart. Semoga semuanya dapat dicapai


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