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Your Ideal Man

Your Ideal Man | Assalamualaikum,

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It is already Day 17 of My Blog Challenge. Today I want to talk about my ideal man. The ideal man is a man that have your ideal characteristics in him to be your life partner. I can't say anything about love because I failed on those things. Every person in this world has their own ideal man or woman. 

The characteristics of my ideal man are:-
  • Caring
    I want he loves me and accepts me the way I am.
  • Responsible
    He knows how to divide his time for family and his works.
  • Love kids
    I hope he loves kids as I love kids too.
  • Handsome
    Actually, I don't care about looks, but if I ever get one, who will push him away.
Besides that, I will accept whoever that will to loved me all his heart.
What is your ideal man or woman?

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

p/s: too short because of busy blogwalking all the segments that have come to end.

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  1. mudah-mudahan akan berjumpa nanti ya..

    Ideal man akak...hmmm dah kawin ni tentulah mahukan lelaki yang boleh bantu meringankan kerja rumah, tolong mop lantai, basuh pinggan, jaga anak2 hehehe

    terima kasih follow blog akak, akak follow kembali ye

    1. terima kasih kak.
      xfollow kriteria kat atas pun takpe. yang boleh terima saya seadanya pun dah cukup.

  2. hehee...good luck Mya...tq follow saya dear

  3. Wahhh..Smoga impian tercapai..huhu

    Jom join segmen sy ye... =)


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