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Relationship with Insomnia?


We meet again. What is the topic that I'm gonna tell for today? Let's thinking for a while. Do you have sleep problem such as insomnia and etc? I'm gonna talk about my sleep problem and a little story behind it. 

I started to having sleep problem since I entered university. It means since I was 18 years old. If I have a restless day, I'll be sleeping early. However, if it is too early I'll wake up at 3-4 o'clock. After that, I will have trouble to sleep again. And it will make me sleepy for the next day. It will interrupt my concentration in class or workplace. It still happened until now with more stories in it.

Before we continue the story, let's understand more about insomnia. From what I understand about insomnia is sleep disorders that happen due to restless stress and depression. More to mental health. The patients are overthinking and make their mind restless. Thinking about something that they care too much than others. Like "Oh, I shouldn't do that, it might hurt his feelings." But for him, "Nah, its okay". We care too much about things that don't matter to others. 

According to National Sleep Foundation, insomnia is trouble in falling asleep or staying awake even when the person has a chance to do so. These are some of the symptoms that cause insomnia such as fatigue, low energy, trouble in concentrating, stress and depression. There are two types of insomnia. The first type is Acute Insomnia. Acute Insomnia is a  brief sleep disorder where it only happens to certain people for a short time. It can be resolved on it owns. While Chronic Insomnia is sleep disorder that happens for quite long at least 3 times a week. It happens due to unhealthy sleep habits, environments, severe depression and certain medication that cause insufficient sleep for a long time.  

Which one is mine? The correct answer is Chronic Insomnia. It started with stress and depression that occurs when I was a student. It's kinda terrible because when I'm too tired, I started to have a bad dream. It impacts a lot and made me think, is that dream or reality. It really happened two days ago. I felt something holding me back from getting up. Sleep problem that I also faced is like right now. Getting sleep too early, but when someone knocks my door or lights are switched on. I alerted on it and make me woke up again. 

That's all for today. I feel so sleepy right now.

p/s: This post is supposed to be published yesterday. Due to circumstances that I fell asleep early, I post it today. However, I still have to write a backup post for today. So, wait for it.

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