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What Blog Means to Me


I'm supposed to continue the stories today. However, since my headache getting worse because not enough sleep. I'm gonna change the topic for today. I want to tell that I've writer's block before. It was due to unbalanced working shift and time management that make me focus more on work and resting. Seriously, I love to write more in this blog and reading it. Who doesn't love reading? I really love reading. Anything genre except horror. So, my goals for this blog in March is updating at least an entry per day.

Entry about my life, what I've been through, my little diary and everything that I can shared. It will be spontaneous and more to English. But it doesn't mean I won't write the post in Malay in future. That's because the term 'I' is more appropriate than term 'aku'. But no heart feeling. I will use Malay someday when I have a lot of free time. Because I need to making a draft first before published it. It will take a lot of time to make a single post in Malay. To make it nice and appropriate for readers to read.

I've been left the blog without an entry for quite long. Before this, I only published an entry that bloggers called job. An entry that are gives by certain people to earn extra income. But as a blogger, even though we have the job that comes only once a month. It doesn't mean the readers will stays on your blog everyday. In order to increase the pageview and the readers, I have decided to write more blog entries started this March.

I've learn many things about blog from a community group that called Auto Feed Blog (AFB). This community gives me a lot of lessons about blog. From zero to something valuable that cannot be bought by money. I've considered them as family and friends. In this community, we shared our work, job and helping each other in surviving this blog world. What I mean by surviving is when you forgot to update an entry for a long time and you doesn't have time to focus on it anymore. You might be giving it up. There still many things that I want to learn more from these people. Even though, there are different range of age, they are easygoing and supportive people. So, last word for today topic is Thank You AFB.

p/s: I don't expected this post to be this longer. I have fun telling what I feel about blog and all bloggers that I have known. Thank you so much. XOXO

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  1. Keep on blogging Mya!! Suka blog sebab macam-macam ada :D

  2. Moga tercapai impian tu.. moga lebih bersemangat update blog lepas ni ya..


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