What A Busy Month

by - Friday, March 30, 2018


I know that I've decided to challenge myself by doing blog posts for 30 days. However, due to my full shift at work, I barely have time to open blog and updating it.  Today, I want to story about Stock Take - an activity that keeps me busy this month. This stock takes not just involved in my company, it also involves all retail company. 

Stock take or 'inventory checking' is a process where the auditors are assigned to audit every stock in inventory or warehouses. At my work, the company already have assigned a team to scan the price of all stocks that have in my store excluding concess stocks. The result of scanning shows what stocks that give our department Again - where we have an excess stock and Loss - where the stocks might be missing or miss count by the team. 

My supervisor will print all the document to shows what items that have high loss and high again. We all focus more on finding and counting high loss items. My supervisor needs to explain to the store manager and the chief auditor why we have high loss and how it happens. This process takes 3 straight days to finding the high loss. For example, my department has 7 group code that we need to focus on. There's a lot of things to check because of our departments, not enough manpower. 

This Stock Take took us a month before to complete everything in the backroom and the selling floor. However, we need to focus more in the backroom because it has many kinds of stocks that have different designs and months on every stock. As a staff, we need to separate it by designs and tied it up with a rope. Transfers all stocks that have become discount items to another store. Even though the process is tiring but I have gained a lot of experience that I can learn. We need to check all stocks whether have a price tag or not. If the item does not have a price tag, we need to print the new one to prevents any problem to the scanner team. 

That's what I do for the whole month. If I'm to busy with works, I'll ignore any message on my phone except for call. I want to focus more and settled it faster. I'll check all the messages that I got after the work shift. When I got home, the things that I do is eating, take a shower, playing games and sleep. That is my routine for this month.

That's all for today. I hope I can keep updating the post in the future. 

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