The Meaning of Red Color in Flowers

by - Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Meaning of Red Color in Flowers | 

We all know that Red is a brave color; it is even the dichotomy of evil and good. Red is the hottest color and is always associated with the fire, the blood, and the devil. But red is also always associated with love and attention grabber as well. Red is a great color to represents desire, power, enthusiasm, and confidence. You can find the beautiful red color in strawberries, apples, cherries, tomatoes and many more, including flowers.

There are several flowers you can find in this color: Roses, Tulips, Carnations, Poinsettias, and Gerberas are the most popular one that you can find on a flower shop. And each of the flowers carries its own flower meaning to be expressed.

The Meaning of Red Flowers

Red flowers are absolutely one of the most beautiful nature we can see. The meaning of the red flowers also as beautiful as the flowers; they represent love, desire, and good luck.

Below are some other meanings of the red in flowers based on its variety of shades:

1). Vibrant red: burning passion

2). Deeper cherry red: all about love and romance

3). Burnt orange-red: an ardent energy

4). Crimson red: sexuality

5). Rich burgundy red: intense desire

The Arrangement of Red Flowers

The red flower arrangements used to catch the attention or suggest confidence and sophistication. The arrangement of red flowers is the symbol of wealth and luxury. And they are also good to be combined with other flowers in other colors, as long as you know the best way to combine it.

Below are some tips for you to make a combination of red flower arrangement.

1). Use the softer color

When you want to make a flower arrangement that consists of red flowers, for the flower combination you need to use the softer color such as light pink or other harmonious combination. Don’t use a great contrast color with red such as blue; you have to chill the hotness of red with the softer color.

2). Don’t be too overpowering

For instance, combine the red flowers with the purple flowers might create an elegant combination but be careful: too much purple sometimes can be too overpowering and not good for an arrangement.

3). Good with white

The red flowers are often used with the white ones, especially for Roses. They can symbolize the passion and purity in one arrangement, and they indeed look so beautiful together.

Flower meaning, based on the color and the arrangement is always interesting to be explored.

However, red flowers will never fail to bring such a pleasant ambiance and deliver the message for romance; the reasons why red flower like red Rose is the most popular and preferable flower in Valentine’s Day.

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