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Novels I Bought at Big Bad Wolf Event!!


Let's throwback to what I have done last weekend. Actually, I want to go to this event after I register Goodreads. I want to challenge myself by reading Malay and English novels. I thought I can read all the books on the website. Goodreads is a website that helps readers to jot down their favourite books and challenge themselves to read how many books in a year. It kinda disappointing to me. So, what I do is scrolling and typing what novel that I have read or what I want to read. Then, I found an old novel entitles Sepi Tanpa Cinta by Damya Hanna. I have read this novel once but when I was in primary school. That was a long time ago. I wish to read it again one more time. I tried to find this novel in any online bookstore or preloved item. However, the novel is unavailable. I know the publishing year is quite long. But I really want to read. Then, I have an idea.

Big Bad Wolf! After that, the first person that I look for is my brother. He loves to go this kind of event. So, I asked him if he had a plan to go Big Bad Wolf at The Mines. And guess what. The answer is yes. He planned to go to his friend's wedding first, then he will pick up me at home. We include my sister-in-law went to Big Bad Wolf at 5 o'clock. When we arrived at the event, the first word that comes out from my mouth is whoa. So big. This year event is bigger from two years ago. So, here we go. Books hunting.

I do not know where to start because of the place is too big. My brother told me to go away. Scattered around to find books. I felt so scared thinking that I'm going to lose in this crowded place. I started my books hunt at Malay section. There are many novels that were written by Damya Hanna but there isn't Sepi Tanpa Cinta novel. However, I still want to buy at least a novel. What did I do is read the synopsis, if it's interesting to me. I buy it. But of course, I need to buy some English novels to enhance my interest in it.

At first, I thought the books for this event is not interesting. This event two years ago are much better and have many choices especially from best authors such as Sophie Kinsella. My brother said this year event is more focus on Chinese Section. So, I bought more Malay novels than English novels. I look around for more English novel but I only bought three English novels. I don't want to buy a lot but it takes me a month to finish an English novel. I preferred teen love novels more than fiction or fact novels. 

I also bought Malay novels to spend my free time. The genre of most of this novel is romance. I bought more than one because I can finish a Malay novel in a day. Depends on the novel thickness. By the way, I have done read 2 novels. I want to read more but I also want to update about it on this blog. Here is the list of the novels that I bought:

  • Jantung Hatiku by Amna Nazia
  • Mulut Kata Benci by Fatin Nabila
  • Cinta Tanpa Syarat by Qaseh Husna
  • Tunang Tak Guna by Murni Aqila
  • Ingin Berkasih Lagi by Damya Hanna
  • The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown
  • Dating Tips for the Unemployed by Iris Smyles
  • The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even by Anna Bell

novel cinta

novel cinta

I also want to update more entry by reviewing all the novels and books that I have read. In the same time, I can learn how to review in the correct way. So, the next goal is to try to review the books that I have read. Wait for it. 

But before that, don't miss this Big Bad Wolf event at The Mines from 7th December until 17th December 2018. There is a lot of section, especially children. There is cafe provided and spacious.

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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  1. bestnya! Tak pergi lagi ke BBW ni sebab jauh sangat dari rumah.

  2. Wahhhh...Best..Dah lama x beli novel & masih belum berkesempatan nk ke big bad wolf...

  3. hopefully you will succeed reading all the books!gambateh!


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