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Writer's Block

Writer's Block | Assalamualaikum,

Today I would like to talk about Writer’s Block. Writer’s Block happened when a writer has a lot of ideas but failed to display in her work. As a blogger, I have faced this situation a lot. I love to write about my life and my interest in this blog. However, I can’t interpret it very well. Sometimes, I have the ideas, but I can’t arrange the storyline. I want a storyline that can attract readers to read my post. I want my readers to enjoy what they are reading. I also like to read an enjoyable storyline. That’s why I have trouble in searching what kind of story that readers nowadays like.

I started to blog because of the emotions that I kept in my heart. I want to express it and to let it go forever. Somehow, the interest to write all my feelings are becoming a hobby. I started to read, understand and rewrite it again based on what I understand. I want to share what I know with the readers. Even though I have the idea to write about, sometimes I stuck with the deadlines and just hang the post as a draft. It always is a cycle in my life. There are many drafts in my dashboard, you know.

Time taken to write something you like takes a few minutes or hours. I can finish a blog post in a pinch. It means last-minute blog post. I have the idea but to make it the good storyline ever. I need a lot of time to think and recreate it. Example; I’ve been given a week to complete a task. I know what I must do and what I want to do. I didn’t jot down anything about it on a paper unless it is very important. A week equals 7 days. I got 7 days to complete the task. But 5 days given, I didn’t start anything and do something else that important. The task is important too but to write something important like this, I need a high concentration, space and my time. Just leave me alone. And it’s done.

That’s why I always complete my post last minute at midnight. Midnight, where there is no one will interrupt my work and my emotions. I can think freely and write anything I want. Just like NOW. I’m alone in this room writing a few posts before going to hometown tomorrow. I feel peace right now because of the breeze and view that I can see from my window. Even though I’m still in pain. Besides, I prefer to write my posts on a laptop rather than a smartphone.

A smartphone is small, high concentration and always need to be charged. I use my smartphone to post because I work in shift. A work that either in the morning or evening shift. I cannot bring a laptop to my work because my position scope didn’t use a laptop. I write a blog post in another app before publishing it in blogger.  Sometimes, I took a few times to write my blog post. I also make a silly mistake while typing using the small keypad.  That’s why the post that had been completed did not achieve like what I want. Because I'm in a rush.

However, if I write the blog post using a laptop, it’s commendable. The screen is wide, and I can write the post using a keyboard letter by letter. I can use the laptop while it charged. I don’t have to small my eyes to see what I wrote in the post.

And that’s all for today.

Mya Rosli

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  1. writer's block. setiap penulis mesti pernah rasa. murungnya bila jadi macam tu uhuhuu.. saya pun suka type guna laptop rather than phone sbb dia lagi fe-feeling cam writer gitu.. ececehhh.. hehe dulu pun selalu gaklah risau tentang cara penyampaian stiap entry post. Orang suka baca tak eh? But now, saya dah tak fikir sangat pasal benda-benda tu. What's more important for me is be confident and kita puas hati. Gaya saya menulis macam berborak dengan orang. kira kontem ke?? (entahlah hekhek) sbb macam dekat dengan pembaca. btw, goodluck in your life and teruskan blogging! heheee


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