Memories in Swimming Pool

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2019


Swimming is a sport that uses a lot of energy in water. We can swim at many places such as swimming pool, river, lake or ocean. Every person likes to swim in the swimming pool at any range of age. Some people give swimming lessons to their children since a baby. Children learn it from start to avoid any injuries when involving water. 

There are many cases where children drown in the pool without parent surveillance. Most of them do not know how to swim properly. So do I. I like to dip my feet in the swimming pool. I always play at the swimming pool since I was a kid. There are many memories that I could remember involving a swimming pool.

My parents always take our siblings for a vacation where the accommodation has a swimming pool. I like to play but I do not know how to swim. I don't have the courage and confidence to learn swimming. This has happened when I was 5 years old. I love to follow my big brother. I watched him swim and played at the pool. I watched him at the side of the pool. The depth of the pool is not suitable for kids. While I'm watching him, my little brother pushed me off to the pool. So, I got drown and scared to play there. I cried and played at other pool with my father.

There is another trouble happened when I was 11 years old. I was a bit taller, so I can play at the bigger and deep side of a pool. What I do is walk around the pool using my leg. Suddenly, my little brother said to me, "kakak, nampak macam tak dalam je". Then, he jumped over. Of course, he got drowned and I got yelled by my father. Hehehe

I still depend on my big brother whenever we go on vacation. However, since he was married and I am a very tall person. I swim at the swimming pool using my leg. I still do not know how to swim. I walk in the pool. And swim slowly. I want to learn by I'm scared.

Last month, we went to The Legends Cherating Beach Resort. Every day, my family and I will go swim at the swimming pool. My father told me to learn it slowly. My parents taught me how to swim and breathe properly. They told me to learn how to floating yourself at the surface of the water. At first, it was very hard. For 3 days, I learned and grasp it slowly.

I can swim but not too far. I still can't breathe properly. And it might take time. But I want to learn it more. So, I can swim without worry. My father told me to get some buoyant to float at the surface. I'm so embarrassed. 

That's all the memories and courage to learn about swimming. Swimming eats a lot of your energy but its fun. Till we meet again, swimming pool. Jya ne.

Lots of love,

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  1. yup and swimming is a healthy activity too. boleh lost weight insyallah. its okay selalula go swimming later you will be good at it =)

  2. Mama teringin nak brlajar berenang tp mama takut laa huhu

  3. ejulz x reti berenang.. hehe


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