New Year, New Resolve



Before I tell you, what is my resolve for the new year. I want to tell my sweet and bitter memories in 2018. 2018 is a year that I have accomplished a lot. In last year I gained new friends especially girlfriends and sisters. I gained all of this when I started to looking forward and believe everything in the hands of Almighty. First time in my life I started to work and be independent for a year. 

Last year also give me a lot of accomplishment about work. I have to give up to try another job besides sales assistant. I even told myself, just give yourself a chance for a year. Anything happened after that, is your choice. You choose how to draw a map to your dream. I never thought what I wished is coming true. You know what happened, I got an offer after a year I work at the mall. I'm very excited about it. And felt heavy to left my second family-workplace. I have a lot of love-hate memories in here. My superior encouraged me to go because of the better environment and benefits. I really can't believe when I saw the result. Now, I'm just waiting to report on duty.

Besides, I also lost some friends due to my emotional burst to understand a person. That person is my colleague. Last day at the work, I talked to him but it doesn't mean anything. 

So, this year I have a lot of resolves such as self-care, work, blog and family. Let's talk about self-care. About what will I do to encourage some confidence in me? I already have bought some journals to jot down important things such as savings journal, self-care journal and goals in order to achieve it. Actually, I aimed to lose some weight and try to eat healthily. 

I want to get rid of the laziness in my mind. And setting some goals to get out of it. I have tried to eat more veggies before. It succeeds. However, I can't reduce the amount of rice and proteins. I also want to do some minor exercises to back in action.

I also jot down some quotes and motivation phrase to help me think positive way. I am a sensitive person and easily overthinking. I want to overcome that thinking in a better way. I also try to listen to good music and motivation talk that gives you the inspiration to move forward.

New year, new job. I will start my new job as a lab assistant in three weeks. I already got a letter that I waited for a long time. The only thing that I need to do is medical checkup and "akuan sumpah". I will be working in Kuala Lumpur. I still don't know which school that I have to go. I hope it near to any public transport. And I hope the school is not too far from my house. Hehe.

What I do now is focusing on my blog. Keep drafting and scheduling the posts before I start to work. It's already a year and a quarter, I've spent a lot of time and money towards Lovely Sunshine. And I won't stop. From here, I want to gain more friends and valuable connection within the blog and social media even though I am a part-time blogger. I have created many connections with bloggers last year. And I want to create more so I can expand and depend on it as friends. I want many of you to feel love and fell in love with me. No regrets will involving. Okay?

I also want to spend more time with my family. I spent my holiday by joining family vacation at Tasik Kenyir on July 2018 and last holiday for 2018 at Cherating a week ago. We've done many activities such as playing at the waterfall, playing with Kelah at Sanctuary Kelah, exercising near the beach, eating together with a lot of love and learn how to swim. I want to spend more with my family this year either it was a vacation or home resting. I want to help and support my parents at home. I want to pray together with my family every day. 

I have a lot of goals in my mind. What I write here is something achievable to me. I think goals that need a lot of efforts in achieving it is love. I felt very happy and lonely when I saw most of my friends have ended their single life. Having someone to share and talk with. I'm jealous with them but it doesn't mean I stop trying. I still try and try till I succeed.

I hope your goals and my goals will be accomplished by the deadline. We will try our best and give our best until it succeeds. Don't ever give up and lose hope. Keep in mind whatever you do has its solutions. If you had tried your best, it doesn't go well. Pray and ask forgiveness to Him. Maybe we've done something wrong. Wish to Him and always remember Him wherever you are. Allah is the best in finding peace.

So, GANBATTE. That's all from me.

Lots of LOVE,

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