What's In My Handbag?

by - Wednesday, January 02, 2019


As a woman, a handbag is one of the priorities to keep our personal belongings. What kind of handbag that you always bring with you? There are many kinds of handbag that I know such as sling bag, tote bag, clutch bag, shoulder bag, wallet and backpack.

Actually, I'm not very fond of a shoulder bag or clutch bag. I used to wear a backpack wherever I go. It's easy. I can put a lot of things in it. I'm still bringing it when I'm going out. However, since I admitted in university a few years ago. I tried to change my mind to wear another type of bags that show you are a LADY.

Grow up in siblings that have more boys than girl make me sceptical. I preferred everything that I wear is simple. I like to wear sandals, t-shirt, jeans and bring a boy wallet. But when you are started to be more mature and thinking forward. A year ago has changed me especially in trying ladies accessories. 

I bought sling bag and ladies wallet to change myself to be more feminine. I used the sling bag when I'm going out. I put simple things and not very complicated. What's in my sling bag? I put very important thing first such as wallet and smartphone.

Besides, I also considered this thing is my life. My earphone. I love listening to music when I'm down or alone. It gives me the energy to make up things back to normal. Like nothing happens.  I also put a power bank to make sure my smartphone keep alive through all day. 

Furthermore, I also bring the Nurraysa Lipmatte and Althea Petal Velvet Powder. Just in case, my makeup meltdown. Hehehe. I put an ointment in my bag in case of sickness or itchiness. My skin is very sensitive.

Lastly, I always buy some candy to refresh my mind. I buy and share it with people. 

That's all for today.


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  1. backpack senang. but i love crossbody =)

  2. Crossbody? Xpe nnti mya gi google. :)

  3. sama! mak pun suka crossbody. simple. alah~ tak de gambar what inside my bag ke?

    1. Pemandangan dalam beg tak cantik. Hehehe. Terima kasih singgah


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