What's In My Makeup Bag

by - Friday, January 04, 2019


Makeup Bag

Today I would like to show what's in my makeup bag. But before that, I want to tell how I got involved in beauty. I started to love beauty products after my studies. After a long break, I thought maybe I should do some small business. As a dropship maybe. I survey every single page or post on Facebook to become a dropship. 

I found my cousin's post about the product she sells and she looks for more dropship to expand her business. What did I do is asked her what should I do and how much that I get for a product - commission. She explains everything from A to Z. The product that I started to sell 2 years ago is Nurraysa. 

From there I started to involve more towards beauty. To get more customers to buy your product, you should try the product first. After I tried every product that I can use, I make it as my favourite product for skincare or makeup. Besides, Nurraysa has KKM approval.

Makeup Bag

Most of the makeup products that I use is Nurraysa. In my makeup bag, there are many kinds of Nurraysa. First, I like to wear Nurraysa Argan Whitening Moisturizer. I always wear it after a shower or before putting a makeup. It gives your skin moisture. 

After that, I use Nurraysa Treatment Serum as antiseptic. It can be used directly to acne. The acne will shrink smaller and unpainful. Then, I applied Nurraysa UV Cream to prevent Uv sunlight. It contains SPF 50 and enlightened your skin.

My makeup bag also has Althea Petal Velvet Powder that I just bought from Althea. I love to use it after applying Serum. It becomes my simple touch up by using it. I also paired it with Nurraysa Exclusive Velvet Lipmatte. I have two colour; Barbie Doll Pink and Glamorous Peach.

Besides, I also have Nurraysa Shining Mineral Blusher and Nurraysa Pearl Magic Lipstick. I also have a couple of Nurraysa Kabuki Brush. This brush is synthetic. I used it to apply the cream and blusher on my face. 

I hope I can add a few more items such as mascara and eyeliner. I'm not expert about eyes. I've tried once before. It so hard to make sure the eyeliner didn't go into eyes. But I still learning it slowly through video. Or I can ask someone else to do it for me. Hehehe. 

That's all the item in my makeup bag. How about yours? 

See you again. 


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