A Letter To My Younger Self

by - Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Letter To My Younger Self | Assalamualaikum,

Letter to My Younger Self

Hi. My name is Mardhiyyah Rosli. I am your future self. I write this letter to you to remind you and give advice that I should take a long ago. There are many things happened to me either bad or good. I just take this challenge to remind me of the past. I mean lessons that I want to tell you. Whatever happened in the past let bygones be bygones.

I'm not regretting everything that makes me right now. I just regret trusting people too much. I want you to have a lot of friends that always be there whenever you are in need. You can have friends but make priorities to your studies and family. You can have fun with friends but not all the time. Spend your time wisely. Think about yourself first before others.

I said that because I am very sad about my life with or without friends. I don't even know who am I to them. I do remember them. I mean close friends. I do have friends but the one that will accompany you when you are in trouble. None. The one that can be invited to hang out and sleepover. I don't have that. That's why I want you to choose your friends very carefully. Choose them because of who they are. You don't need friends that always in trouble and make you suffer. I've been there. Couple times that make me so lonely especially when I'm in trouble. 

I don't want you to be like me. I want you to have fun with your friends. Hangout and sleepover at your house. Find a friend that will stand for you, cry and happy for you. Okay? I do believe people but trust takes more time to be good friends. I still have. Friends are important when your studies. Friends make your learning time colourful. I agree with it. Just be who you are. You can trust them but not with your whole heart. If it breaks, it so painful.

Falling in love. Fall always make you hurt or injured. But in love, there are many things that I can describe it to you. Sometimes it sweet, sour, bitter and even spicy. Hot. I always stick to this sentence, "Don't break your friendship just because of boys." Friendship is very important to everyone. Even the boys. When you are in trouble, you always seek your friends for pieces of advice or problems you have with your boys. This friends are supportive and care about you. Sometimes, they are even jealous when you talk about your boyfriend too much. Please divide your time equally between both of them. She will be lonely when you going out with your boyfriend. But for me, you better not have a relationship at your school. If he really loves you, asks him for marriage. 

However, please focus yourself on studies. This is very IMPORTANT for your future. I don't want you to regret it as I do. Just choose your major and learn it like your life is hanging on it. I really regret it very much that makes me think. This will never happen if I trust myself more than I trust others. I should focus on myself from the beginning I start studies. Make your parents proud of you. Tell them you can do it. You can do better than that. Never ever to give up on your studies. NEVER!! Okay.

After you have achieved your studies, you can focus on your work or relationship. At least you have a job to support yourself in the future. Please stop depending on your parents unless you are in trouble. Support them like they always do. Listens to them even they break your heart. You know why? Parents are always there whenever you are in need. They might be sighing with whatever you do. But they never give up on you. I do love my parents. I love them so much. 

Lastly, please find someone that you can share your problems with. A friend that keep it in her heart. Share it with your family. Even you are heartbroken because of love. Share it with them. At least, you don't have to suffer as I do. If you feeling not well, just go straight to the clinic. I begged you to outspoken and have high confidence. Not too high and not too low.

Oops, please take a car license before you enter studies. I don't want you to trouble people because of transportation. Transportation is very important nowadays. Challenge yourself to survive. Besides, you can play social media but don't expose yourself too much. It might better to take precautions before something bad happen. Please spend your time wisely especially on studies, solat and Al-Quran. 

I think I have written everything that I want you to understand. Be good to yourself, parents and others. Just be who you are. Trust yourself more in future. Be whatever you want to be. If it gives you colourful life, go for it. Don't seclude yourself with ANIME too much. You can watch but please do when your free time. Hehehe.

Your partner in crime. 

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  1. sincerely betul surat dia. Betul tu, lesen mandu tu sangat penting. Walau selalu simpan dalam dompet je. Sebab makin lama makin mahal. hehe

  2. this is really a good letter. boleh baca semula bila dah besar nanti. jemput singgah ke blog saya


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