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by - Saturday, February 23, 2019

Favourite Television Program | Assalamualaikum

Nowadays, there is a lot of television program that is held on television. There are many types of program that we can see on television. There are dramas, movies, sports, children's, news and variety shows. They are available in multiple languages. An example of ASTRO; they have channels that involved a variety of languages such as Malay, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese and Korean. 

For me, I like to see Japanese Anime and English Movies more than Malay drama. I am a fan of anime since I was 17 years old. Since then, I will download more anime to make as my collections. Of course, I preferred superpower anime more than romantic anime. My all-time anime is Fairy Tail. I have watched it many times on my laptop. This year, Fairy Tail Final Series is on television and I have recorded it. I watch it on the weekend or free time. 

Besides, I also like to watch Korean television shows. There are many shows that attracted me more to K-entertainment. I love their idols, songs, dramas and variety shows so much. But I'm not too fanatic towards the celebrity. I can list the television shows that I've watched started from dramas to variety shows. Sometimes, my family especially my younger brother influenced me more in variety shows.

Top 10 Drama (most fav to least)
The Descendant Of Sun
The K2
City Hunter
To The Beautiful You
My Girl
Stairway to Heaven
The Heirs
The Doctors
Emergency Couple

Top 10 Variety Shows (most to least)
Running Man
Family Outing Season 1
The Return Of Superman
Dream Team
Happy Together
I Can Hear Your Voice
Invisible Youth
Mother's Touch: The Korean Side Dishes
Infinity Challenge
Law of the Jungles

However, my favourite television program is Running Man. I love this television program since episode 01. This program actually is influenced by my older brother. I love watching everything he watched except for horror. This program is aired in the year 2010. Its already 9 years and this program still going on. Every episode is varied and guest are invited. Every celebrity guest that came into this program, not just an actor and actress. There is also a comedian, singer, announcer, host and athletes. 

The members might be changed. But the one that makes this program, funny and succeeds through all the time is Yoo Jae Seok. Other members that are going through with Jae Seok since 2010 is Jee Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Song Ji Hyo and Lee Kwang Soo. The other members that have been changed and new are Lizzy, Song Joong Ki, Kang Gary, Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min. Not all the episodes are funny, but the members make this program very entertained.

Even though I have watched it for 9 years, Kwang Soo characters are the one that I despised the most. His attitude is so painful to see. His dumbness and greediness especially when winning and eating is annoying and disgusting. He will use any dirty tactics to win and sometimes he loses eventually. But I love his combination with Jae Seok. They are compatible together in every mission they did. I love when they fought each other to win. I also like when he teams up with Kim Jong Kook, and he dresses up as a girl, Kwang Ja. They are so funny.

What I love the most about this program is family entertainment. I always watched Running Man with my family every Friday night. We even recorded every episode that appeared on any channels. This program is gathering a family such mine to have fun in watching television. Even though the time is aired quite late. But we open our eyes to watch Running Man together. If my father is very sleepy and didn't see Running Man that night. We will watch it again tomorrow morning. 

This program never let you down. We watch repeatedly and it never boring. Running Man makes my day, especially when watching with my family. I can laugh and smile all I want just seeing their funny skits or every fighting they had. They are sharing their problems they had about the program. They even know another member background. They are so close to each other. The members have been a family for 9 years. That's what I love about it. They fight and reconciled every episode.

Running Man Daebak. The first television program that makes all my family watched it. They make my family laugh until I cry. It is funny. I never felt this way on another television program. I love it because Running Man gathers my family together. I'm having fun. Sometimes, my younger brother woke my father up to watch it together. And of course, my father woke up and watched it until the end. So, my favourite television program is Running Man. I L0V3 RUNNING MAN.

That's all for today. Saranghae.

Lots of LOVE,
Mya Rosli

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