My Favourite Subject

by - Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Favourite Subject | Assalamualaikum

My Favourite Subject
My Favourite Subject

Today I want to share my favourite subject since I was primary school. We have studied many subjects since primary school. Major subjects that I have learned during primary school are Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Mathematics, Science and Pendidikan Islam. We also had extra subjects such as Music, Art, Civic and Sports

In this case, I love to learn 2 major subjects; English Language and Pendidikan Islam. I tend to focus more on these two classes. Maybe the teachers and topics are interesting to learn. For this entry, I want to speak more about the English Language than Pendidikan Islam. You know why? Pendidikan Islam is a subject that I need to learn for my whole life even though I'm not a student. Pendidikan Islam has various unlimited topics that we can learn. This subject has many references such as Al-Quran and Sunnah. I'm still learning in class and at home. Don't ever stop and never give up on it.

The English Language is a second and international language. We can use English to speak or communicate with foreigners. I don't know why I love English. But right now, I preferred to write my entry in English rather than Malay. I like the Malay Language because my race is a Malay. I speak with my family and friends in Malay. However, when expressing my emotions and problem, I like expressing it in English. The word 'I' is better than 'aku'. 

The length of this language is simple and understanding. That's why when students nowadays learning Maths and Science in Malay. Its become complicated because of the different terms and pronunciations. Malay language in the syllabus is using based on Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. While what we communicate with family is 'bahasa pasar'. The differences between both of them are formal and informal. I think the English Language is a formal and informal language. How we speak is based on our intonations. If the tone of language is high, it becomes an informal language. It shows disrespect and rude towards people. 

By making an entry, I can write an English entry spontaneous and on the spot. Give me a simple topic and I can write in on the spot. Most of my English entries are a spontaneous article. Just understanding the topic and I can elaborate it very well. Compared to Malay, I need to jot down the point first and make a draft. Sometimes it takes more time than usual. If I wrote in Malay, I need to be sure the sentences that I wrote is appropriate and understandable.

I also can watch a movie without subtitles. But if the sound is too unclear, I really need a subtitle. In television, the Malay subtitles for certain movies or shows are acceptable. However, there are a few channels that translate the word exactly its meaning. Translating make the subtitles more complex because of certain words. In translating, we should make it compatible with a sentence. Mostly I used English subtitle in anime. If another subtitle came up, it becomes confusing. Maybe because I used to read English subtitle for Japanese anime. Maybe I already understand Japanese in between English subtitle. 

At last, I love to hear English songs, especially from the '90s. I have 700 English songs compared to Malay in my laptop. While my smartphone has 350 English songs compared to other languages. That's how much I love English too much that I preferred singing English songs in the bedroom. Hehehehe. My favourite singers also sing English songs such as Backstreet Boys, Blue, Westlife, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. I love their song very much especially BSB. I even have a crush on Nick Carter. Actually, I love all of them. Hehehehe.

This is the proof I love the English Language. I love writing my entry in English. Expressing my emotions and my life in English. Thanks to all teachers that taught me all subjects especially English Language. I still make a grammatical error and I want to improve it more. This is one of my entry that I want to say to all teachers thank you for teaching me from zero to valuable knowledge. Your teaching in any subjects makes me who am I right now. Arigatou Gozaimasu. Thank you for everything.

That's all for my favourite subject. What is yours? And what do you like about it? Share it with me. Just let me know.

Lots of love,
Mardhiyyah Rosli

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  1. I really love math. Before this, I don't like eng because I felt like it was complicated but now I was trying hard to improve my eng. one of it is by make my entry in english. Learn math and science in Malay really confusing beacuse of the term. bila adik-adik tanya punya mesti nak explain dalam english juga sbb tak suka term Malay

  2. Saya pula suka Math bila dah masuk zaman universiti. Baru tahu sebenarnya Math zaman sekolah tu senang. Masa sekolah dulu, tiap kali test je gagal. Macam putus harapan untuk subjek tu.


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