My Wishlist Collage

by - Friday, March 15, 2019

My Wishlist Collage | Assalamualaikum,

Today I want to show my wishlist collage and its story. Wishlist is a list that stated our wishes that we want it to come true. Everyone has their dream wishlist. There are many things that we can include in such as love, marriage, job, having a baby, license and life-related.

I will show you my wishlist collage and explain every one of it. This list is including my lifetime wish. Every wish that comes true makes us happy in every way. I want to show a couple of wishes that have been accomplished. Through what ways and how I felt about it. This accomplishment makes me realize all of this happened because you believe it will and with effort. You show it and you act on it.

This two are wishes that come true. First, wish that I had is buy a smartphone using my own money. What I want to say here, I might depend on half of my life with my parents but I also want to try the effort with my own money. I bought my own smartphone after 3 months working as a sales assistant. You might think that I just work for 3 months then I want a new smartphone. On that time, its an emergency. My old smartphone has problems with it and I can't wait any longer. This thing is important to contact my parents and it also to connects to every network at my job. 

My second wish that has accomplished is I got a new job. A job that helps me to strive this life and helps others along the way. It might not well known because of the job scope, but I'm happy this way. I work as a lab assistant at the high school. What did I do on daily works is to prepare an experiment for every class, learn while working and understand every stock on material and apparatus in the preparation lab. I also happy because of the seniors and teachers here are friendly. And I'm still on it.

This is my wishlist collage for this year until I accomplish it. 

My Wishlist Collage

Firstly, I wish to get a car license this year and stop depending on my brother. Before this, I took public transport to went for a job. This place has public transport, however, the bus that available here didn't pass through my home. When growing an age every year, make me more scared thinking about getting a car license. It makes me so nervous thinking about it. I know to have car licences make my life more organized and punctual. I am punctual but what I mean is not wasting more time. But the feeling to take this car license, it's like your life depends on it. Anything happens is everything on you. 

Furthermore, I wish to have my own tablet. A bigger screen than a smartphone is more useful for games, movies and write blog posts. I want to use a tablet specifically for games. Games that I want to play always eats up my smartphone' memory. So, when they eat up too much memory, it eats up battery. That's why, I want to own a tablet for games such as Hay Day, Dragon Mania Legends, Village Life and Song Pop. I love to play these games but the memory is too big. My smartphone is full of songs and pictures. I have set my mind to own one.

Moreover, I wish I can spend my life with my big family. I want to go vacations, Umrah and Hajj with them. I want to pay for everything with what I had to them, either money, time or energy. There are my Big Why for everything. For supporting me for 26 years in any situation. I love to spend family time with them every weekend unless I'm not in a good mood. I do have a mood swing. Especially when my sleep is bothered or not feeling well. But I want to go anywhere with my family. It doesn't matter the destination chosen. I love my family.

Besides, who doesn't want to love and be love. There is many love type of relationship. Love to family, friends and true love. I wish I had true love. Not a monkey love. But a love that can be completed with marriage. This is the fact that I am a little bit jealous with someone that had a family. I know the obstacles to going through all this, I need to be strong. But I want to fall in love with someone that accepts my weakness as I do. I also want to be loved by someone that I love. Can you accept me who I am without judging?

Lastly, a happy ending. Like a fairytale. True love makes a happy ending. Marrying someone you love, build happiness together and grow the family until the end of your life. Wearing a white gown and traditional clothes on the big day. Being celebrated by your family and friends. A big family is gathering not just mine but also his. Plan how to grow family and having kids together. Helping each other on everything either hardships or enjoyment. 

Dream wedding that every true woman wish for. To be with someone they love for the whole of their life. To have someone nearby and share problems with each other without complaining. Maybe a little bit of complaining. A positive complaint. Whoever you are, I accept you with what you had. But don't judge me by what you see and what you hear.

This year I hope I can set this mind up to think positively and never give up. When you give up, everything that you wish for will never come true. I don't want to be regret later finding that I have lost many things by giving up. There are many people supports you. You have Allah and Al-Quran for the guide. If you always think and remember these two, In Sha Allah. Your wish might come true.

I have been in this situation and I really want to fix it. And it started with you. You are the one that holds everything decision. Whatever you choose, the story might be different. But the ending still the same. Just be patient and strive along the way. Good Luck. 

Lots of love,
Mardhiyyah Rosli

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