Birthday Celebration

by - Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Birthday Celebration

Today I would like to share my opinions on the birthday celebration. It just a random topic that popped up in my mind. Every year our age is getting older. We celebrating this happy moment to be grateful that we are still alive each year. What is a birthday for you? For me, a birthday is a day where we were born and reminisce the day we enter this world with our family. 

There are many ways how we celebrating this birthday. I always saw in the movies how they celebrating their birthday. They invite their friends to their birthday party. Celebrating it together and having fun all day. As people say, the more the merrier. Their friends are coming over and handed the presents to the birthday babies. They are singing "Birthday" song and wishing good things to the birthday babies. It was happening to see all of your friends coming over and wish good things to you.

But for me, it is very different. It also a good memory but how we celebrate are different from what we imagine it. My family always take me out for family dinner. We are always bought a cake and bring it home. We didn't blow a candle or having a wish while cutting it. It's simple but memorable. 

I used to wish to have a birthday party like movies. I want to see which friends of mine will come over for my birthday party. But that wishes only happened when you are still a kid. I don't wish for that anymore. I'm happy with my family. We celebrating without a picture. Just kept the memory in our mind forever.

However, I had a chance to celebrate it with my classmates and my colleagues. It might be old stories, it might be short and it might be quick. The memories of having it with your friends are unforgettable. I will arrange the stories according to the chronology of time. This small event is happening in my standard 2 class. It was in 2001. 18 years ago, we celebrate it according to month. I am a January baby. So, teacher are calling who are born in this month, to come forward. Even though, without a cake or presents, all the classmates are wishing to us. It was a great memory because, at the same time, you get know that one of your classmates are sharing the same date. And we still keep in touch even though through social media.

The second event happens in my hometown. Many of our relatives are born in January. The person in charge of this event is my aunts. They dividing the chores between them, especially in food and games. We are being served with a lot of foods such as soup noodles, nuggets, fried chicken, white rice, desserts and birthday cakes. We also can see some of the relatives volunteering themselves in games and karaoke. We are celebrating it at the end of January 2017. We took many pictures to be kept as a memory.

The last event happened last year at my previous workplace. Human Resources department has planned for this event. They are combining birthday babies from November until February. They ticked every attendance by the babies after they are giving the presents. The foods are provided by the canteen and they have many kinds of it. Some activities are being held such as games and lucky draw. I always prevent myself from getting picked for the games. I am shy to be in front of people. I am very lucky because my name has been picked up by the manager for the lucky draw. In the end, I brought back two presents home. At least, I feel appreciated working at here.

But the very important thing that I got from this celebration is memories. No matter how big the celebration is especially with families, it will be remembered until the end. The relationship between family and friends getting stronger. This is my opinion about the birthday celebration. This topic appears so sudden. Maybe my mind knows Lovely Sunshine needs to be updated more entries.

Before we end this entry, I would like to know how you celebrate your own birthday. Share yours in the comment below. Thank you for reading.

Mardhiyyah Rosli

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