2019 Goals Achievable or Not

by - Friday, January 24, 2020

2019 Goals Achievable Or Not | Assalamualaikum.. Today I would like to compare the goals I made in early 2019 and see whether I have achieved it or not. Based on the New Year New Resolve entry, I started a few goals related to self-care, family, career, and love. There are many things that I want to share about it here. One of the goals that I have set my mind on was losing some weight. Unfortunately, the goal still has a long way to make it. I have started to do a simple workout at least 3 times a day. However, in maintaining and losing weight need to start from how we control our food intake. 

At the beginning of 2019, my weight was not exactly the same as today. I've gained 4kg throughout the year. Due to my gastric, I need to eat frequently with the right amount. I tried to control with a quarter quarter half portion. The amount is too little for me and my stomach was growling for the next few hours. So, for this year I still kept this goal and trying to achieve it. I started by doing workout and control food intake especially the carbohydrates and protein. My target for this goal is 65kg. 

I've written about the journals I have in order to track my savings, weight loss, and quotes and motivation. For the savings journal, I have tracked my monthly budget and expenses until now. I also keep the receipt and paste it on the journal. While for the weight loss journey, I tracked in on fitness application in my tablet. I tried to track my weight in the morning or before doing workout. I still tried to work out after work or at the weekend. Lastly for quotes and motivation notebook. I have the big planner to jot down the positive quotes but lately, I am being surrounded by negatives vibes. So, it got delayed every day. And I add up two more journals; travel and bucket list. 

Next, last year's resolution on families was spending time with my family. Having fun and traveling together. There are many things happened last year. A lot of memories either good or sad memories. I will start from the good memories, The good memories that my family and I were having fun are traveling to Pulau Tioman and Pulau Langkawi. The trip to Pulau Tioman has been updated in entries. While my trip to Pulau Langkawi, the draft still in writing and pictures are still editing due to the different cameras we had. So, the entry was delayed until this year. We were having fun doing activities that I never did before. So, I hope there are more traveling activities this year.

I lost two of my beloved grandmother in different places and times. First, I lost my atuk during 3rd day of Eid last year. She was unconscious due to her old illness. She was and she will be my beloved grandmother ever. I will keep her memories in my heart. I barely met her up before she was buried. However, I didn't get to see my tok wan for the last time. It was 2nd January 2020, I got a call from my mother that she has passed away that morning. She was collapsed due to a heart attack. So, I take a couple of emergency leave to get back hometown. When I arrived, she already buried in the graveyard. Even though I'm not her biological granddaughter, but we still family. Having an occasion together is a happy and good thing. I always remember both of you in my heart, atok, and tok wan. I LOVE YOU.

15th January 2020, this date shows that I have worked in government as a lab assistant for one year. My goal for the last year is having a new job. I got it and I still try my best in this trial year. As a lab assistant, I need to pass 3 examination papers and one training program. Throughout last year, I studied Pekeliling and Science Material for the paper. Alhamdulillah. I passed all the papers and waiting for the last program. Besides, my workplace is happening because of the friendly headmaster, teachers, and seniors. They are supportive and share new knowledge with me. So, there is one more program will happen in the next month. Wait for it.

Lastly, my lovely blog, Lovely Sunshine. I always remembered to keep up to date the entry. However, due to the lack of mood, I got distracted. I have a lot of ideas that I want to make as blog entries. It was delayed and I kept distracted with movies and anime. Moreover, I will try to update the blog at least 3 posts in a week. Let's hope my goals for this year will succeed. I will start this week with this entry. Before the end of January 2020, this is my first post of the year 2020. My accomplishment of 2019. Thank you.

Mardhiyyah Rosli

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