McDonald's Double Chicken Prosperity Burger

by - Friday, January 24, 2020

McDonald's Double Chicken Prosperity Burger |Assalamualaikum.. Today I would like to throwback when I was eating McDonald's Double Chicken Prosperity Burger last week. Actually, it was my first time having McDonald's Prosperity Burger. I got to eat it because my colleagues were planned to have it on payday. What we do on that day, we collected all orders and money between staff. We listed it and ordered it.

The one who orders all the meals is Aizza. She ordered it's through McDelivery mobile app. At first, she tried ordered all the meals through GrabFood. However, GrabFood has a limitation order and it can't exceed more than 5 orders. We have technical problems and decide to use the McDelivery mobile app. So, we decide to try Prosperity Burger that only appearance a year during Chinese New Year.

We ordered 1 Double Chicken Prosperity Burger set, 4 Double Beef Chicken Prosperity Burger set, 1 Fish Prosperity Burger set, 1 McChicken set, 6 pcs Nugget set, 9 pcs Nugget set, 1 Chocolate Sundae and 1 Strawberry Sundae. We expect the delivery time will take more than 1 hour, however it only takes 45 minutes to arrive at the school. 

We thought all the meals we ordered are correct and available. McDelivery missed 1 medium Twister Fries and resent it back to us. We started to eat meals at 1 O'Clock. I ordered Double Chicken Prosperity Burger. I choose Orange McFizz as drinks and Twister Fries with it. So, here is my menu.

Taste Review:

Twister Fries, it's delicious but a little bit salty. I love the curly like spring.

Orange McFizz, the freshness of orange flavor is very good and the fizziness is better than other carbonated drinks.

Double Chicken Prosperity Burger: I thought there will be more veggies like other McD burgers such as salad, tomatoes or cucumber. So, I didn't expect onions in it. It's good and delicious. The spiciness is not suitable for me. The black pepper sauce is too hot for me. But I still love the Prosperity burger. The chicken patty is big and meaty. My tummy is full until evening because 2 pcs of the chicken patty. 

Anyway, I'm lovin it. 

I'm satisfied with the taste and the price. It's compatible and affordable. I might repeat it again next year. So, we might see it again. Thanks.

Mya Rosli

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  1. teringin tahun ni tak try lagi prosperity. dah dekat dua bulan (kot?) tak makan mcd. Nak try la japgi order pakai foodpanda dapat 50% off.

  2. Assalamualaikum Wrmbth Sis Mya. Jemput sertai giveaway dengan 17 Hadiah Wang Tunai bernilai RM1000

    Hadiah RM200 (Seorang Pemenang) - 1 x RM200

    Hadiah RM100 (2 Orang Pemenang) - 2 x RM100

    Hadiah RM50 (14 Orang Pemenang) - 14 x RM50

    Tarikh tutup 29 Feb 2020. Klik sini untuk sertai giveaway ini.

  3. terliur pulak malam-malam niiii

  4. Assalamualaikum sis Mya, Selamat hari jumaat. Jemput sertai giveaway mac dengan 16 hadiah wang tunai terkumpul RM900.

    Sangat mudah untuk sertai. 5 minit dah boleh setel. KLIK SINI UNTUK SERTAI

    Jemput meriahkan ya. Kalau sambutan menggalakkan, boleh buat tiap tiap bulan.


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