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3 Things You Are Proud About Your Personality

3 THINGS YOU ARE PROUD ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY | Hi & Assalamualaikum. Let's continue to our third topic for the 15 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Things I am proud of about my personality. What do you understand about personality?

According to Encyclopedia of Psychology, Personality is individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

3 Things You Are Proud About Your Personality
Personality is divided into two broad areas: understanding individual differences in particular personality characteristics and understanding how the various parts of a person come together as a whole.

For me, I don't even know where the area I belong to. I do have several personalities but I didn't think of it as my best personality. You know I am an introverted person. I rarely speak up in front of people. I prefer to text people rather than calling and meet up face to face. I prefer declaring myself as a good listener maybe. I love to listen and help people in need. But to be outspoken is NO. 

To all readers out there, can I ask a question related to this topic? What do you think about my personality from your point of view? The things about my personality that I can think of are more to reserved part than you thought. That's why I didn't know what is my best personality. But I'll try to connect it based on what other people said about me.

My family and friends always said I am a funny, kind and childish person. I don't know which part of me being funny. Being laughed off sometimes. Maybe the way I think is kinda out of date or too far from the present. Sometimes I make a silly joke but to close friends only. But I'm not a joker. 

Kind personality is a too way nice word for me. Because there is someone who said I am too kind. I am willing to help friends in need. Just state what is your problems, I will try my best to lose some of your burdens. Maybe because I can't say NO to people.

The last personality is not my best but the only personality that suits me the best. I am a childish person. I am not a kid but sometimes I think like a kid. I am a sensitive, scaredy-cat, and shy person. That's why certain people didn't believe I have grown up even though I am a 180cm person. People still asked me which school do I go to. Some of my relatives even said my voice like Doraemon. Very funny. 

So, these 3 things about my personality are something I can be proud of maybe but not my best. I hope I can polish a more good personality inside me. The more stunning and charming personality that awed people. Wow. Just kidding. I don't like to be on people's attention. Just a small circle. 

That's all for today. Thank you for reading.

Lot's of love,

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