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Something You're Currently Worrying About

SOMETHING YOU'RE CURRENTLY WORRYING ABOUT | Hi & Assalamualaikum. Today topic for the 15 Day Blog Writing Challenge is Something I Am Currently Worrying About. Nowadays, there are many things to worry about especially in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Something You're Currently Worrying About

There is no sign of cases decreasing, making us more paranoid to go out for work or groceries. Not just that, there is no improvement at all since the lockdown to control this pandemic.

These increasing cases at all states every day makes me worry about my parents at Pahang. What makes me worry about them the most is the vaccination date. When will my parents get their vaccine? I always checking the vaksincovid website for their appointment date. 

Please speed up the vaccination process for elderly people above 50s around Malaysia. I know my parents are feeling good and much better than me. But I want them in good condition with at least one dose vaccine maybe. I miss my parents. 

Furthermore, the other things that make me worry so much are my health and mental conditions. My body temperature (fever) changes gradually followed by the changes in room temperature. 

I think I really need to do the outdoor activities to have some good air and sunshine. I am feeling weak and restless after the AZ vaccination due to my low antibody. Maybe the time distance between the first dose and second dose is two months apart. So, the side effects take a toll on me.

Not just that, my mealtime was also disrupted. I am having gastric attacks these couple of days. There is a lot of gastric symptoms that show off lately such as stomach ache, chill, fever, nausea and vomits. 

Then, I decide to make a new meal plan schedule for eating properly on time. I set it using an alarm clock so that I didn't miss any meal on time. I hope by following this schedule, my body feels better after this.

For my mental condition, I am having serious sleep disorder since this house arrest. I admit the time I spend with social media, games and movies late at night are the reason. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping early but if I do. I will wake up later at 3 or 4 in the morning. 

I always listen to ayat-ayat Al-Quran as a lullaby before my earphones broke. So, while waiting for my next earphones to arrive. I will be having sleep trouble until that day. 

So, these are the something that I am currently worrying about. I know there are solutions for certain problems that I am having right now. But I am trying to do it slowly without ANY stress. The only thing that needs to speed up is my parent's VACCINATION DAY, herd immunity, and balik kampung.

Hope you guys are having a great day today with your loved ones and be healthy okay? Thank you for reading.

Lot's of Love,

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  1. Semoga terus kuat ya. Walau apapun kita semua hebat sebab mampu dikurung lelama. Haha

    ps: lama dah tak singgah kat blog mya. Dah lain sekarang ye


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