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Things That Make You Scared

THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SCARED | Hi & Assalamualaikum. Today I would like to talk about the creepiest topic in the 15 Day Blog Writing Challenge. I really hate this topic and I didn't know why I choose it. Things that make me scared are something I can't deny since I was a kid. I am a scaredy-cat that is easily surprised by everything.

Things That Make You Scared

The most thing I scared of is horror. Anything that related to horror or ghost movies. I really hate it when people talk about it when I am in present. I will be having nightmares later all day. I will keep thinking about it especially when I am alone. 

I can't watch any horror movies unless it was a comedy genre. I don't have to be terrified of spooky characters when they show up. The only movies that have a little spooky on them are supernatural and anime. Just thinking about it right now makes me goosebumps.

Besides, when related to spooky or horror, darkness always got involved in it. Seeing the dark without light is like seeing without sight. We feel clueless and lost. Total darkness makes me think of creepy things around me. 

I need to have a dim light when I am sleeping, that's why I have a mini lamp on my table. I used to think of hanging clothes in my room like a ghost. And thank Allah, I don't have any nightmares or insomnia anymore. I have peaceful sleep when I plugged off social media.

Furthermore, I hate cockroaches so much since the day it lands on my bed. Many things happened because of that cockroach. My brother's casing phone is smashed into the floor and cracks into two. Why my brother's phone? 

Actually, I don't have a phone at that time because I am still a high school girl. I borrowed my phone's brother for music while he was in boarding school. Since that day, I always hate when flying cockroaches is showed up in the bedroom or bathroom.

Lastly, feeling isolated and lonely. I have had this kind of feeling since pandemic Covid-19 attacks us. We are separated from our beloved families and being arrested in our own house. 

I kept overthinking negative thoughts and I am scared of it. Scare to be drowning in my own thoughts. I really need someone to share my problems with but the only thing I have is imagination. Hehe

What kind of things make you guys scared? That you wish never happen again. Let me know what is you afraid of in the comments below. Thank you for listening and sharing.

Lot's of Love

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  1. wah, seronoknya challenge ni..

    yang membuat sy scary bila tetiba kena duduk rumah sorang2..huhu seram sgt jadinya..

    1. itupun seram juga lebih2 lagi pada waktu malam. Tak senang duduk dibuatnya


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