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Why Start This Challenge

WHY START THIS CHALLENGE | Hi & Assalamualaikum. Today I would like to start the 15 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Why start this challenge? Lately, I have been falling into writer's block. I got plenty of topics but stuck in making it as a blog post.

Why Start This Challenge

As a blogger, it is not easy to make some entries spontaneous. Every post needs to have a title, outline, points, keywords and pretty images to attract more readers to visit Lovely Sunshine. I want to think out of the box but sometimes I am not an expert on other topics except for personal ideas. I know Lovely Sunshine is new to the lifestyle niche. But I am trying to expand it more on food, healthy, beauty, travel, and entertainment. Even though it's more on personal preference.

In finding more ideas to suits all topics above, as a starter, I will try to publish a blog post entry once a week. I hope by publishing every blog post consistently will make me more diligently in submitting the blog post daily or regularly.

Besides, the new look of the template that mixed pink and light blue colours together will motivate me more in the 2021 blog journey. Lovely Sunshine also acts as my writing journal and side income in this pandemic time.

No more stress or unstable health conditions because of this house arrest or work from home since 1st June 2021. I know everyone out there is struggling with the same problems as me. But I am trying to be more positive to support myself, my family and my friends out there.

Finally, for Lovely Sunshine, the 15 Day Blog Writing Challenge can make me more positive and consistently update blog post entries with more ideas that can give us more information and opinion with the readers.

That's all for today. Thank you for your time. I hope everyone tries their best to be positive so we can go through this pandemic well enough.

Lot's of Love,

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  1. All the best... May you accomplish this challenge with success!


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