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A Lesson That I Learned The Hard Way

A LESSON THAT I LEARNED THE HARD WAY | Hi & Assalamualaikum. Here we meet again after a long rest due to my personal health issues. To prevent more delays in completing my 15-day blog writing challenge. I am going to try my best for drafting all the topics in the list immediately. So, our topic for today is going to be a little bit emotional because it is a lesson that I learned the hard way.

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There are many life lessons that we have been through since we were born into this world. Sometimes, the mistakes, the choices we made and the decision we decide gives us a lot of lessons either directly or indirectly. There are many positive and negative lessons we faced that changed our perspectives towards everything including people. The positive always be reminded and gives us strength to move forward. While the negative always let you down and tore our hearts apart.

A lesson that I learned the hard way is trusting people. I don't mean to be unpolite to people in the stories. I just want to take this title opportunity to express the secrets that I have kept all alone. And it breaks my heart. What I mean is there are certain people approaching you by taking advantage. You know, they are standing by me when they need me. But when I need them, they are not around. I was left alone and being blamed for everything. Blamed for something I don't know what really happened. 

Maybe I was too soft-hearted, I barely expressing myself in front of people, that's why they think I am okay with everything. Actually, it's not. I tried my best to open up, listen and share my problems with them. But what I got in return is they only care about themselves. The thing is when I try to open up my problems, they said to me that the troubles I have is a small matter. Small matter? I cried after that at home. Suicide is not a small matter. But to them, it was like a joke. That's why I don't trust people.

I know I lacking something. But I tried my best to love and change myself for a better reason. I know I am too quiet in conversation because people don't listen. Because of that, I shut my heart and I open for myself only.

Just then, I realised people come and go in our life for lessons that we learned and remembered. I am having this cautious mind towards people because of what I am having through my teenage life. It is really hard for me to make a new friend. But I tried my best to start the conversation with a stranger or a new friend. I hope there will be someone out there who willingly be my buddy in sharing, eating and hangout together. So, good luck to me and those who have same problems with me.

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TRUST is our belief in build a bonding with people in terms of personal or career. By trusting the person, we are living in a happy circle. We don't feel insecure with people naming family or friends. I hope I can build more trust in myself towards people near me. To those who out there, don't put your trust 100%. Give 1 or 2 more percent for your own security, so it won't break your heart. Those people who came to our life , they came for reasons and lessons.

That's all for shairng my tiny problems. Thank you so much for spending your time here. Love all the readers here. XOXO.

Lot's of LOVE,

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