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Why I Started My Business

WHY I STARTED MY BUSINESS | Hi & Assalamualaikum. First of all, I never expected to be away for two months long. Due to a lot of reasons including second dose vaccination. I felt so lazy to do anything besides household chores. That is totally compulsory every day okay.  Before I talk more about my big why starting business.

Why I Started My Business

Let's proceed with our storytime with a little bit of flashback before the business starts. I will say a little bit of truth here, after quitting my studies and being jobless for a couple of months. I decide to look for jobs by applying at several job websites such as Maukerja, Jobstreet and Jobsmalaysia. I also looking for side income as a dropship to pay off my study loan, PTPTN.

I also want to be independent in paying my study loan and helping my parents as best as I could. So, I am looking part-time job or a side income on social media, Facebook. I came across my cousin's post that she looking for dropships for her business, Nurraysa.

Then, I texted her to tell me more about what is dropship and how to apply it. She explained to me everything until I understand the concept. Then. I agree to join her team in order to find more side income.

What I like about Nurraysa products is most of them are suitable for my sensitive skin. You know why I said it suits me the best because I tried to wear it and my skin are playing nice with me. I used to have itchy and red skin after removing other makeup products on my skin. So, I have the most makeup products from the Nurraysa brand. I am still a beginner in makeup and learning how to wear it correctly using Nurraysa makeup. 

Because of that, I am trying my big why bigger than before. Not just for helping myself. I also want to help people in need especially family and friends. Right now, I am trying to learn more about finances so I can fulfil my big why and dreams such as house, car and love of my life.

I need to put effort more into online marketing in every social media platform I have including this blog too. And believe the rezeki that Allah gives when you put your effort the best.

Alhamdulillah, being consistently marketing and offline sales with family and friends show the best result. In May 2020, I upgraded myself to a Nurraysa agent and strive more to support myself and my family. 

By having goals and a big why I can stay focused on the business and my career. Let's do our best in accomplishing our Big Why in our life. So, I wish all of our Big Why succeed. Best of Luck.

That's all for this entry. Thank you so much.

Lot's of LOVE,

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