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Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories | Assalamualaikum,

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Blog challenge for today writes about my childhood memories. I have a lot of childhood memories but I will tell the memories that I remember the most. Most of my childhood memories had happened at my hometown in Kuantan.

I have cousins that I loved to play with. The closest cousin is Shira. She is my best friend forever and ever. What kind of memories I create with her. This event happened when my aunt's wedding, where boys are popular with bicycles. Shira and I want to take baju kurung from her house to change for the event. However, we don't have a transport to go to her house. We decide to borrowed our male cousin's bike. The distance between the event place and Shira's house like 10km. We ride the bike wearing t-shirt and trouser. After we arrived at her house, we took a shower and brought her sister's clothes too with us. Then, we ride back to the event wearing baju kurung. On the way back, we bumped with her father and being scolded for what we did. You know why? Shira almost collided with a car. After that, we straight to the event and give back the bike to Amir and Topa. This is the memories I remember the most. 

Other memories are walking around the hometown with my male cousins. You see how much I close to male cousins when I was a kid. I even learned to eat bamboo shoots (rebung) from them. I don't care even though I am the only girl in the group. But now, they are all married and have kids. It becomes very awkward. 

Nowadays, I grew up and I have more cousins especially girls. I learned everything from them especially riding motorcycles and wearing the shawl. Not forget to Kak Long because I got to learned wearing makeup and become more feminine. 

What is your childhood memories? Share it with me here.

That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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