If You Had Three Wishes, What Would It Be

by - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If You Had Three Wishes, What Would It Be | Assalamualaikum,

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Today we are back to the English Language. Like the topic stated above, if I had three wishes what would it be. Can I ask something that illogical? Whatever my wishes are still my wishes until I grab it.

Here are my main wishes that I really want it so much.

  1. Marry before 27 years old.
    For me, it is quite impossible to get married in time. I still have 3 years to fulfil this wish. I don't have someone to be my husband-to-be. But if I do, can I achieve this wish in time. I know "jodoh dan pertemuan di tangan Allah s.w.t" but as a human, we need to plan and try hard as we could but the one that made the decision is Allah. No one knows what will be happened.
  2. RM100K
    I want to settle all my debts and bring my family to a vacation. I also want to further studies and start a career with it. The balance of the money will be given to people in need.
  3.  Own a car and house.
    I want to have my own car and a house. I can go anywhere in transport. I don't have to troubled people anymore. I want to own a house especially after I marry someone.
That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

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