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My First Job


As I promised, this is the actual post for today. You know what, I already have a job. I hold the position as a sales assistant. I have worked for 6 months for now. I thought to myself, "let's work at least for 1 years of work experience". After that, I will find a better job that can support me in the future. So, today's topic is My First Job.

I started to work as a sales assistant in September 2017. For the first time, I work independently without a companion. I was struggling on the first day. I work at Kids department. I handled children's clothes from the age of 3 until 14 years old. Like I said before, I'm not a talkative person. However, I started to be friendly and talkative to a senior staff that introduced and showed me how the works do. 

Now, I have a lot of friends and they are kind. My department is in Softline Division. Softline is a line that consists of 8 departments. Most of them are clothes departments. As a sales assistant for clothes department, all the work that I do is displaying new stock, replenishing all clothes and serve customers. I learn a lot in here and give me a lot of perceptions towards work. 

Besides, I learn the difference between being a customer and a sales assistant. I also learn many things besides working in the department. I also do some office works such as transfer stock, return, ticketing and checking promotion. You know what, I am a careless person and easily nervous. I got a chance to learn how to open a cash counter. And I'm very nervous about it. Alhamdulillah, I can catch them faster than I thought. However, It still makes me nervous because it involves money. If I short too much, I need to pay it with my own money. However, I only need to open the cash counter on the big events. But it still nervous me with customers that not have patience with them. 

Sadly, 3 staffs in my departments want to quit. I will lose some of the friends. I will need time to make friends with the new staff again. This month is quite busy for me. But gives me a whole new experience in the retail business. Okay, I need to work hard more and consume what I can learn. 

I also hope this busy month do not interrupt me from updating an entry every day. 

p/s: I have difficulty in creating keywords and choose the right words for the topic. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. bagus2
    saya dulu kerja bahagian mainan dengan stationery
    seronok sebenarnya kerja sales assistant
    kalau fokus kerja retail
    kutip pengalaman banyak2
    untung2 jadi ketua
    gaji banyak owh
    komisyen lagi

  2. Bila mula bekerja, networking kawan-kawan semakin ramai. Seronok sbb boleh dapat macam-macam pengalaman.

  3. Good luck & do well on your job! :) I just started working too. Like, almost 2 months now. Really hope that I could learn much & fast.


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