My Favourite Colours

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My Favourite Colours | Assalamualaikum,

My Favourite Colours

Hi. Actually, I don't have any idea for entry right now. So, I make a random title that can create more entry and up to date. Of course, the title chosen is simple and understanding. I know many people have their favourite colours. They love to buy their belongings which has their favourite colour. I've seen this type of person.

An example; this person likes the purple colour very much. She loves everything that has a purple colour. Her handbag, her purse, her books, her accessories and even her clothes. She preferred that way. Unlike me, I do have favourite colours, but I like to mix it up. 

When I was in high school, I preferred dark colours such as navy blue, black and red. When buying clothes, I always asked my mom to buy dark colour shirts or blue baju kurung. You see I have many blue baju kurung. Sometimes, my mom even asks, "tak ada baju warna lain ke?". Maybe because I am the only girl in my siblings. Surrounded by boys and very close to my older brother. That's why I love when boys or men wear dark colours. It looks charming. Hehe.

Besides, I am very picky when choosing colours for my shoes. I don't wear heels or woman sandals. I like wearing man sandal, sports shoes and sneakers. I always pick blue, navy blue and black for these items. Maybe I like to make it dirty. It doesn't appear very much on the shoes. It's better than wearing whites and get dirty in the mud. The pure white colour has disappeared.

But it doesn't mean I dislike the white colour. I love people wearing whites on formal occasions such as wedding events or ballroom events. I wish I can wear a white gown at my own wedding someday. Just wishes. If I afford it, dreams come true. Otherwise, it's okay. No biggie. For me, white is pure and innocent colours. White also is related to angels. Kind and pure angel. But when an angel is tainted by a spot or a mistake, they become devils. Not pretty and very evil. 

However, my perspective towards colours is changing. Nowadays, I prefer pastel colours such as light blue and light pink. This is my new and favourite colours. I do have my belongings to these colours such as my blog, my smartphone and my latest baju kurung. The pink colours look gentle and very soft. It calms you down, especially when you are stress.

These days, I kept looking for these colours when I went shopping. It attracted me to buy anything. Except for food. Hehehehe. The bright pink colour also attracts me to buying stuff such as shoes and books. Maybe I am trying to change and set my mind towards everything especially a woman. When pink colour is involved, they always say you are like a girl or woman. So, I am trying to become a better woman. A better woman in every aspect except for boys. Okay? 

Sometimes colours are represented by certain meaning and reflected on characters. Maybe. Even I can't describe what are my characters that people have seen and said about it. To me, pink is represent shyness, love and ladies. While blue represents calm, sky, sadness and gentleman. I appeared to be in that certain terms that I have described. I am a shy ladies that easily overwhelmed by sadness. That's my favourite colours. PINK and BLUE. Shy and sadness. Ladies and gentleman. Actually, it should be RED right? Hehehehe.

What is your favourite colour? How that colour represents and reflects on your character? I love to read about it. That's all for today. See you next time.

Lots of LOVE,
Mya Rosli <3

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  1. Wah.. pink dan biru..
    Sha suka hitam dan merah..

  2. Sama la kita suka pink ngan blue. But sometimes konfius either Aien suka gothic pink ke, soft pink ke, pink belacan ke.. Urgh! too much pink.


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