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A Grateful Moment In My Life

A GRATEFUL MOMENT IN MY LIFE | Hi, Assalamualaikum. In everyday life, we have various moments that are meant to keep or to throw it away. We go through all of the moments since we were born into this world. There are many emotions that we can express for the whole life that we have been lived such as happiness, sadness, madness, gratitude, hates, loves and many more. So, today I am so grateful to be born in this world.

Happy Birthday

Thank you to the Almighty, Allah for giving me a life to perform the duties and learn to love myself better. I am grateful for every rezeki that I get from Allah. I know that Allah gives me this life test to make me always remember Him. Not just that, Allah forgive us for every sin we do by repentance. But it doesn't mean we can do it just for fun. Ya Allah, on this beautiful day I beg you to instil some courage in myself to become a better solehah person. I want to become a better person, especially when doing compulsory duties. Aamin.

Furthermore, I want to say thank you to both of my parents for bringing me up for 28 years full of love. They bear to my stubborn and childish character until today. I am very grateful for having my mother and my father as my parents. They taught me everything they could. They tried their best to make sure that I am going to be a good person. Even though I am not. Still trying to be a better person. They give me a lot of love since I was a baby. Not just that, they even give me motivation when I was depressed due to my study.  They always support my back when I fall down. So, I love my parents so much. Saranghae <3

Today date is a memorable event for me. I reported myself on my current job on 15th January 2019. It was my good memory, not just because I got a job. But it is also a day I am getting to a good environment of the workplace. Through this current job, I learn many hardships that I struggled a bit. The thing is I start to create this entry because today is my birthday. Happy Birthday, Mardhiyyah Rosli. I pray to be a better person with positive thinking. I want to correct my mistakes in the past by doing better in the present. I hope no more negatives vibes surround me because it hurts. I want to be free and be more productive for myself. So, I love myself so much that I am going to focus on myself from this moment. That's all.

Just a reminder. Every year our age turns old, but we can make our life feeling new.  By thinking positive and love yourself first. After that, you can start to commit love for other people. Just be yourself and you are good to go.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love,
Mardhiyyah Rosli

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  1. agreed. tanpa kita kenal diri kita, kita takkan dpt perbaiki hubungan dgn org lain. semua pun memang mula dgn diri kita.
    moga mya terus sukses. Happy Birthday :)


    1. Terima kasih kak Aida. Yup, betul semuanya bermula dari diri kita sendiri.


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