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Preparation for Weight Loss Journey Part Two

PREPARATION FOR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY | Hi, Assalamualaikum. Like I promise yesterday, I am going to continue the preparation for weight loss. Where are we? Last year was a difficult year for all of us. Pandemic Covid-19 hit us badly. So, I am going to tell you what happened to my journey from the beginning of January. In the beginning, I didn't focus on any exercise due to family reasons. After that, I slowly learned how to control my food intake. I started to learn to control food portions by using a quarter, a quarter and half diet. I will tell you more about this kind of diet later. By the way, I am not consistent in this food control. Still struggling.

weight loss journey

I can control the food portion when I am working. But when I got home, the effort becomes worthless. Especially when you are cooking for your siblings. Actually, I do not remember much about what happened in 2020. Because that year-end too fast like nothing was accomplished. Still, I did a few events together with seniors and the same batch colleague. I did a food event with my seniors at Seoul Garden, Putrajaya in the middle of February. And my final program, Program Transformasi Minda at the end of February. 

The main reason that I want to lose weight is someone saying that I look like a pregnant woman. That really offended me so much. That I felt, how could she be? You don't know how I struggle to hide my belly fat. I know I look fat here in this tummy but she doesn't have to say that. From that moment, I have tried exercising, buying shapewear and even try to take supplements. I am stressing out because of it. It sucks. 

But when I really try to support myself in doing this kind of journey. People around me that have been together for all of those years mocked my efforts. It's not easy to shut people out of your mind especially when someone that close to you. So, I started again to do beginner workouts and control my food intake. Yeah, there is progress that my weight is losing a bit. Until our country was hit by pandemic Covid-19 in March 2020. 

In the middle of March, our country decides to do a Movement Control Order to prevent the pandemic cases from increasing. For the first week, I still maintained the workout routine every day until laziness overwhelmed me. Living in MCO with your parents make you eat a lot. Especially when my mother makes my favourite Sambal Sotong and Ayam Masak Merah. I missed her food right now. So, my weight journey stuck until Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in May 2020.

I was told by my boss to start work on the first day of CMCO. But due to the decrease in the probability of cases. We as the high school staff need to take turns started on 4th May. From that moment I start to read tips in controlling food portions again. And doing basic workouts such as squats 20 times every day. Yes, I admitted once you are gaining, it's hard to lose. 

After that, a lot of things happened. I can eat rice accordingly to the food portion. But I have trouble swallowing green veggies especially spinach and mustard greens. The half portion of veggies is unacceptable for me. The only veggies I love to eat is carrot, tomato, capsicum, cabbage and cauliflower. Quite a picky eater on veggies. Besides, I more prefer to eat berries, bananas, watermelon, honeydew and other fruits. For protein, I really like chicken more than fish. I am trying to eat chicken breast as a staple food. 

There are many factors that I really want to lose some weight. Because of my health issues, my bones can't accommodate any more. I got a knee problem and backache. Besides, my skin is also affected when I eat many sweet things and dairy foods. So, I need to start taking care of my food right now. And drinks a lot of plain water.

So, I am making scheduled again for my weight loss journey in 2021. I hope everything going smooth. No more sweet food except on cheat day. I want to be healthy and free-disease. Normal BMI here I come. I will tell it more about the progress later. That's all.

Thank you for reading. 

Lots of love,
Mardhiyyah Rosli 

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  1. I know how struggle it is because my journey to loss 15kg is very tough too.. Each time my friends ask yo going out and eat, i force myself to refuse.. and did not follow them.. But when it success, must proud laa.. hahahaha... so.. keep it up! On my weekend, also no cjeat day for me.. because i takut always rasa nak cheat day.. Sanhat takut... so i akan beli buah.. or snack yang menyihatkan tu banyak banyak supaya tak rasa too hungry and always ada tenaga..

  2. All the best!!! U can do ittt.. Lets start!!!!


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