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Twenty-TwentyOne Resolutions

TWENTY-TWENTYONE RESOLUTIONS | Hi. Assalamualaikum. Long time no see. Since the last post, I got a little busy with work. And struggling to manage time correctly with the situations that our country is facing currently. Due to other factors also, I am trying my best in this new year to up my personal skills including be positive and confident in front of people. I have struggled with this kind of problem since I was a kid. I always try to avoid the presentation task by doing the paperwork. So, this personal skill has become one of my resolutions.

2021 Resolutions

I am trying to find a better way to express myself in POSITIVE thinking. I don't want to stay in NEGATIVE overthinking like before. I try a lot of things to be more productive including journaling. My passion for writing something even on a piece of paper is like curing my boredom. I love to spend myself writing even though for daily gratitude. I try to collect and reading what types of the journal that I can create for myself. To create these journals, I bought many stationery supplies from Shopee and Tesco. Some of the stationery supplies that I used the most is Faber Castell Click X5 Blue/Black Pen, Coloured Gel Pen, Staedtler Fineliner Pen, Highlighter, Dual Brush Colour Pen and several notebooks.

These notebooks kept my things such as yearly planner, finances, work, household chores, weight loss journey and the important one; agama class. To be more productive and changing to a new person with a better personality. This was the first step to success.

Furthermore, I  have decided to control my food intake and do a few workouts seriously. Why? I admitted that I ate a lot these few years by attending many banquets held in school. My weight is gained and my BMI is a little distracted. So, to make it back to the right way. I am correcting my daily routine by adding up workout time and food taken accordingly. Besides, I am going to record my weight loss journey in here Lovely Sunshine to remind me how struggling it is to lose weight. The challenge to lose weight start now. Fighting!

Alhamdulillah. I have passed my job trial when I received my confirmation letter in September 2020. I am officially a government worker as a lab assistant in a high school. This year will have a job rotation between lab assistants to feel the different environments in every form level. As everyone knows, Kuala Lumpur is one of the states that are announced as MCO states. I have been notified by my boss to work from home until 20th January 2021. After that, I am going to work by taking turns to help another lab assistant that handling Form 5 students. So, wish me the best at work.

There is one more additional resolution to my unaccomplished resolves. I started to involved in business side income after the end of my studies. I started as a dropship of Nurraysa in July 2017. The journey is upside down. The sales of the product are unexpected. Sometimes, you got a buyer. Sometimes, you just need to push an effort more to attract customers. There is an accomplishment in my sales last year due to MCO and HQ Promotional Item. I decided to upgrade my rank from dropship to an agent. Yes. The struggle in business is real. From that moment, I upgraded myself. I give the oath to try my best in business. It failed though. Because I have spent too much to support myself. I get back and try to go slowly no rush in business. There is an improvement in my sales. But still, need to give more effort to it. So, this year is the year that I am going to manage my time in helping myself and others out there.

Lastly, the resolution that I am going to commit to this year 2021 is Lovely Sunshine. It's really hard to balance your time with the blog, side income and your main work. Not just that, my unstable emotion these days make it worse. Yeah, personal is hard to keep it in and it affects your surroundings a lot. Last year is my downfall that I am struggling to keep. I still love this blog and love to write like before. The best part is I got my laptop back. I hope this laptop can keep me consistent in writing more posts in the future. For now, I am going to concentrate on the health and beauty niche because I am trying to heal my skincare problem. But still Lovely Sunshine is a lifestyle blog. So, that's all the 2021 resolutions that I want and will commit to change myself to a better person.

Thank you so much for reading this post. <3

Mardhiyyah Rosli

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  1. good luck.
    aida doakan semua azam mya tu berjalan lancar :)


    1. terima kasih. In sha allah. Semoga segala apa yang kak Aida azamkan tahun ini berjalan lancar juga.


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