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Wishing for Staycation at Singapore

WISHING FOR STAYCATION AT SINGAPORE | Hi Assalamualaikum. Today I would like to talk about a staycation. Most of us must be missing travelling right. Because of the situation we had nowadays, we are restricted from travelling and have to postpone whatever plan we have. As of right now, we can’t go anywhere. Stuck within our district and cannot cross between states. How I envy our neighbouring country, Singapore. They can travel within their country and here I want to give a suggestion to our neighbour, Singaporean to relax and have fun holidays by having a staycation in their own country.

What is a staycation? According to Oxford Languages, a staycation is a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. What are the benefits of a staycation? There are many benefits of staycation such as time-saving and ease on the wallet, no planning required, more quality time with loved ones and rediscovering your own city. What I mean by time-saving and ease on the wallet is we can save our time and cost more than we do a vacation. We spend a lot of money on flight tickets, transportation and accommodation especially when we travel abroad that takes hours to arrive. 

Staycation will make you an expert in your own country. You can decide either to stay in your house and make a lot of memorable activities together with your family. Or find affordable accommodation to spend your time with your loved ones. You can do a lot of activities with your family at your favourite place. I guess everyone has a signature place where you and your family love to spend time together. Because I do. My father always brings us to a family restaurant to have lunch or dinner when we have free time. It feels great because we can bond our relationships deeper. But if your favourite activities are bringing your families on vacation or staying in proper accommodation, Just pick a hotel near your favourite place and there you go. Hehe.

Merlion Park
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I know a few famous landmarks in Singapore. One of the popular landmarks is Merlion Park. One of the benefits of a staycation is we can rediscover our country and learn about the history of landmarks itself. So, Merlion is a mythical creature that’s half fish and half lion. The Merlion combines two elements of Singapore’s identity. Its body symbolises the fishing villages of Singapore’s past. While its lion head is a symbol of Singapura. It's become one of the attractions for tourists to come by at Merlion Park. 

Universal Studio Singapore
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Singapore is also famous for its physical attraction themed park, Universal Studio Singapore (USS). There are 24 attractions in this park that consists of 7 different themed zones. Each one of the themed zones has its own unique features that attract people of different ages including me. The seven themed zones are Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. Because I am a fan of cartoons and anime, I will choose Far Far Away. I live my childhood memories by watching Shrek and their friends. I also love seeing Madagascar, unfortunately, this themed zone will be closed. But you guys don’t have to worry because there is the more additional themed zone that will be replacing Madagascar. Do you want to know? Ba na na, Bananana. It’s a Minion (2021) and Super Nintendo World (2025). 

If you are planning to come and have fun at Universal Studio Singapore, I suggest checking out Hotel 81 Dickson. Hotel 81 Dickson is near Universal Studio Singapore with a lot of facilities including public transportation, MRT. This hotel serves a 24 hour front desk and security. Besides, you can find a supermarket, salon, ATM, gift shops and laundry in the hotel. You also can express check-in and check-out if you are in a hurry. This hotel is disabled access friendly and has free WIFI. There is also accessible halal food and a mosque for Muslim people nearby. There are two rooms provided here; Standard Double and Superior Double. 

I hope you guys in Singapore are having a great and wonderful staycation. Take a lot of pictures and make it a memorable one. Wish me to arrive in Singapore soon. So, lots of LOVE. Have fun.

Mya Rosli

Credit to: Visit Singapore 

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  1. Rindunya Singapore, banyak tempat lagi tak explore kat sana

  2. Tak pernah sampai ke luar negara lagi..best nye kalaua dpt g sini.. nampak menarik

  3. Cantik betul singapura. Teringin dni nk ke sana


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