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How I Overcome the Stress

HOW I OVERCOME THE STRESS | Due to Movement Control Order (MCO) that being held started on 1st June until 14th June 2021. There are many consequences that affect the nation due to the high cases of Covid-19. Some of the factors that are affected are economic and career. These factors affect citizens heavily including me to feel stressed out about it. 

Can you imagine being held down at home and distancing yourself to make sure you are free from the Covid-19 virus? It takes a lot of things in our mind to think about and make us so STRESS while on it. Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, stress is a great worry caused by a difficult situation or something that causes certain condition.

As a lab assistant, I was ordered to work from home because we are not essential services. That decision takes a toll on me. Do you know why? I am feeling suffocated and keep overthinking when having a slight fever in cold temperature. So, I try to set my mind to be open-minded and positive by having fun in handling the stress away. This entry will tell more about how I overcome the stress. 

how i overcome the stress


Actually, there are many ways to overcome stress. But sometimes, it's up to the individual itself. There are things that some people love and there are also people that dislike them. For me, I am gonna list several ways that I do to overcome the stress.

Firstly, I like to listen to music. Sometimes, I am frustrated over something that I need a good hug or a sad melody let me cry it out. Yes, I cry over it. And in the meantime, the different melodies in my playlist cheered me up such as Kpop, anime and dance songs. So, by listening to music, I can overcome the stress by the end of the day. 

Furthermore, I love to reading and make a journal about it. I love to read about motivation to be more positive in life. I also love to jot down the most memorable quotes in the books. So, I have been trying to challenge myself for 30 days by reading and tell the readers what all the books are about. It lets your mind wander to it.

Moreover, the next fantastic point here is loved by many teenagers nowadays. I like to spend my free time watching K-drama and anime. The funny scene makes you laugh while the happy scene makes you feel over the moon. When you watched it, you feel you are the main lead or any character you loved in every drama. Sometimes, the time flies too fast that you didn't focus on your problem anymore.

In addition, I also listen to the tazkirah podcast. As who I am now, I am still lacking in religious purposes. By upgrading the knowledge of Islam in myself, I can be more positive and open-minded towards people. I also can learn the purpose of life and why we need to realize that all problems that happened must have a reason. And its also have its own solutions. In sha Allah, we can find and solve problems slowly. So, everything happened because of a reason. And every problem has its own solutions. 

Finally, the way to overcome the stress is through online games. I love to play games when I was bored or having nothing to do. The most categories that I loved to play os trivia word games. This kind of game challenges your mind to solve the problem given. It shows how big your knowledge is. I also love to play role-playing games (RPG) and simulation games. I used to play Laplace M RPG before the maintenance to keep playing it is high. So, online games overcome your stress by making you think and having more friends online. 


When talking about online games, there are many categories of games that we can find in mobile applications or websites. One of the online games websites I found is is an online games website that has over 100 games inside it. There are multiple categories that can be played under the website. 

Besides, are expanding their online games by player request. If there is a game that you want the website to add up. You need to write it up in the comment box given. For example, I like to play trivia games so much. Can you add up more trivia games on the website? There are also games that reminisce my childhood memories. Why? This website has games that are based on old-fashioned games that I used to play such as Zuma, Pacman, Tetris and many more.


What do I like the most is the Frogtastic game. This game is based on the Zuma game. I love the Zuma and Zuma Deluxe games so much, that I tried to find and download the game previously. I used to play this game when I was a kid. I always try to beat every level by getting higher scores. It also teaches us to concentrate on colours and speed. So, I am going to have fun with the Frogstatic game. You can also play multiple categories to cure your boredom on free time. Because that is what I do to release stress and have a fun day.

In order to cure your boredom or handling your stress, these several ways that I stated above might help you solve your stress slowly. By listening to music, reading and journaling, watching drama, listen to the tazkirah podcast, and playing online games can relax your mind from overthinking and being stressed out.

These are the ways that I use to overcome the stress when having emotional tension. How about you guys? What is the best way to free up your mind and release your stress? Let me know in the comment below. Feel free to share your favourite therapy of stress. That's all for today. Thank you for reading,

Lots of love,
Mya Rosli

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  1. Ya musim2 covid ni kena pandai belajar handle stress... Mmg stress jugak terkurung kan... Tapi nak buat mcm mana

  2. Nk keluar rumah Tak boleh. Mmg bgs la sharing about this ni.

  3. Sha dah try byk sgt game percuma..rambang mata nak pilih tp sha suka main puzzle dan pin ball..hlg stress sikit d rumah jd naga hihi

  4. Ok. Mcm best.. Ni mcm game2 kita duk main dlu2 kan.. Best layab game kt pc time stress buat assignments bagai

  5. og my.. i can feel the stress feeling, memang suffocated. tapi game ni tka boleh start. once i start i tak boleh berhenti huhuhu

  6. Glad you manage to overcome your stress. And this website also have game that is simple and not stressful to play right?

  7. ramai yg stress MCO ni..kena pandai control stress. Moh ler ngadap game..seronok aper..

  8. ha ah kalau bosam memang main game dekat online nih... layan janji duduk rumah

  9. It's good you manage to find a way to overcome your stress.
    I tried before and love the pacman :))

  10. bila dah tua ni x suka main game bila stress... abam kie suka tgok movie on9 la pulak..


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