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10 Random Facts About Me

10 Random Facts About Me | Assalamualaikum,

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Today I would like to talk a little bit about me. I am an introvert person and hard to start a conversation with a new people I met. I think I have more weaknesses than strength for my whole life. Let's talk about 10 random facts about me.

Random Facts About Mya:-

  1. Sensitive
    I am a person that cry easily after people mad at me. However, I am also a person that forgive easily but never forget.
  2. Shy
    I scared to start a conversation. I am having problem with my confidence level.. I feel embarrassed when talking in front of crowded people.
  3. Scaredy Cat
    I am not too fond of the horror genre. It gives me a nightmare after I watched it. I often startled with something that appeared from nowhere such as cockroaches or people that sneaked on me.
  4. Overthinking
    I always think negatively when someone I knew suddenly abandoned me without reason. I always am careful with my words towards others.
  5. Chocolates
    I love chocolates. I always preferred eating desserts flavoured chocolates. Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Bar.
  6. Love Kids
    I love kids so much. They are adorable and petite. I like playing with my adorable cousins when I am going back to my hometown. I want to have many children after I marry.
  7. Baking and Cooking
    I started to love baking and cooking after I watched many videos about food. I love watching Gemma Stanford on BiggerBolderBaking. She taught me a simple way to baking. I want to attend baking classes and become a pastry chef.
  8. Fierce
    I might a shy person but to someone that really close to me do not think that way. I am a mood changer. I like to change my mood depends on situations I've been through. Some of my classmates have been yelled because they don't do their part. I don't like people disturbed my sleep. You know what? My youngest brother called me a lion because I always get mad at him.
  9. Sleepy Head
    I don't know if sleep has become my habit or I sleep too much. I always feel sleepy when I am very bored or tired. I always get sleepy when I read too many theories. I have slept many times at class even though, a lecturer is teaching in front. I think I have insomnia, sleep problem.
  10. Childish
    I admit that I am not matured enough. I am a little-spoiled brat. I am not too demanding on materials but I love food so much. My aunt said my voice and my face looks like a child. I will immediately change my voice when people said like that. Someone that have same age or younger than me are more matured like my cousins.
That's all for today.

Mya Rosli

p/s: I post quite late today because my house at Kuantan is having a feast before Ramadhan.

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  1. I love to sleep too. When I think about nothing, I will start yawning and it is not going to stop. I might have same problem like you: sleep problem :P


    1. dah tak ada benda nak buat, itu jelah keje yang ada tido.. hehehhe

  2. Bagusnya Mar suka baking and cooking. Both benda tu lah yang Siqah paling kalau boleh dielakkan. Cooking okay lagilah. Baking is totally no. Hehe

    1. Mya totally sweet tooth. Tapi sweet macam caramel tu memang xboleh masuk. Baik buat sendiri dari beli setiap hari. Jimat duit.


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