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My Dream Job

My Dream Job|Assalamualaikum.. Everyone in this world has their dream job. Everyone want to succeed in life and have their dream job. The topic for today is my dream job. Let's talk about mine since I was a kiddo.

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Every student in the world will be asked the same question, what you want to be when you grow up? I always list at least 3 jobs that I want to be. 

Firstly, I want to be a teacher. A teacher is the first person I see at school. It sounds fun to be a teacher. Teaching student and marking the paper.

Second, I want to be a doctor. A doctor is a person that save people's life. The doctor has many contributions towards people and country. 

Lastly, I want to be a policewoman. I always watching Gerak Khas, maybe that's why I want to be a policewoman. To save people and catching criminals. That is my dream job when I was in secondary school. How about now?

From all the job that I listed above, the job that I want it to be my dream job is a doctor. Specifically, a paediatrician. A doctor that treats kids or children as their main patient.

I love kids so much and I want them to be happy and always smile. I want to be near them when they got trouble or having health difficulties. I want to help kids around the world whether they have money or not. However, that dream just a dream. I only passed the main subject to be a doctor with grade D.

After struggling with my studies, I have decided to find a dream job that I interests and love doing it. Before I grab the chance to become a pastry chef, I need to settle important priorities to work hard towards it. I love desserts. 

I love cooking and baking. Do trial and error at home. Do the experiment on my own. I want to start from the bottom and learn new recipes and adapt it in my life. I want to create recipe book and share it with my family and friends. DESSERTS, HERE I COME!!

That's all for today. See you tomorrow.

Mya Rosli

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  1. dulu zaman sekolah anis pun ada cita2 nak jadi doktor, tapi start masuk sek men , dah rasa meluat sangat dgn subjek bio fizik kimia tu :3

    1. nak jadi doktor tapi subjek yang minat xde kena mengena pun dgn doktor.

  2. Time kocik dulu nak jadi penyanyi 😂🎤 Pastu nak jadi penyampai radio sebab banyak cakap. Besar ni jadi pendiam pula 😂 Pastu nak jadi polis, tinggi tak lepas. Sekarang ni, semua keja sy apply. Harap2 ada yang lekat, ameeen 😄

  3. Sama! Tapi siqah masa kecik2 dulu nak jadi pakar bedah 😂😂 Sekarang ni haa, rasa patutlah tak jadi pakar bedah, luka sikit pun tak sanggup nak tengok. Hii

    1. Mya pun ada benda yang tak boleh tengok.. Elok2 ada satu pesakit, terus jadi dua.


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