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Preparation for Weight Loss Journey Part One

PREPARATION FOR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY | Hi, Assalamualaikum. We meet again. I want to talk about a little bit of introduction on why I want to lose some weight. Actually, after a long hiatus and a temporary lockdown that happened to Malaysia started in March 2020. A lot of things changed including my weight. People always labelled me as someone that will never gain weight even though I ate a lot of food. Besides, maybe my physical appearance didn't show that I am gaining a few kilograms after eating. I love to eat chickens and sweet things especially chocolates. But that was when I was still a teenager. Where body metabolism is still higher. 

Weight Loss Journey

I started gaining weight after I have a job. When you learn that you have money to buy foods that you love so much. Not just that, your company always make food banquet every time we had celebrations. But at the same time, I didn't feel the difference in weight because of my job scope as a sales assistant. An assistant that going around in the kids' department. I have to handle many stocks and treats customers that come by. So, the body process balances because of my active movements. That's before I got an offer letter to work in a government. 

Now, I have worked in high school as a lab assistant for 2 years already. Many unexpected things happened here. When I was reported myself in the first year of 2019, the teachers are kind and friendly especially when inviting you to a food banquet. I can't count how many times these school teachers hold food banquets. The banquets that been hold was supposed to celebrate occasions such as Teachers Day, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Farewell Event and for fun. 

But even worse, my weight starts to gain drastically every time school holidays appear. Why? To save the costs of spending money on outside foods. My seniors have decided to cooks at schools. Cooks homemade food. How I missed my mom badly when eating homemade foods. They have planned the menu for every day of the school holidays. But if the menu got hold because of certain issues. They will put the menu list in the cart like a shopping cart. Many foods are still in the queue until now. So, I try to put on my little old clothes. Oh nooo. I can't fit in anymore. Long sigh.

Because of that, I started to find a way to lose some weight. At least to get a normal BMI. I bought a yoga mat, a set of the resistance band, workout gloves and a digital weighing scale. Moreover, I subscribed to a healthy fitness application on the iPad to give me motivation in losing weight. Hahaha. However, I am a lone ranger. Where my motivation easily comes and go. By the end of 2019, I list my resolutions that I want to commit to in 2020. I have the list of resolutions right here. So, what happened in the year 2020? I'll continue this story in the next part.

Thank you for reading. <3

Lots of Love,
Mardhiyyah Rosli

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  1. good luck, mya.
    as for me, dpt kurang inches pun jadik la :)
    resolution 2021 aida is nak kurangkan minum manis. ni utama!
    makan tak brape byk, mya. lelebih time keje, memang breakfast je.
    no lunch. no kudapan. but tu la, segelas nescafe wajib! hu hu hu hu...
    berjaya ni Januari ni, then baru aida proceed with kurangkan makanan segera.

    1. Mya kena mula dari sekarang sebab dah mula sakit lutut dan belakang. Hehehe. Selain itu juga, mungkin pemakanan yang terlalu bebas menyebabkan kulit pun turut mengalami masalah. :)


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