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Monthly Goals 2021

MONTHLY GOALS 2021 | Many things happened in the past month, from March to April. Something surprising and something I am grateful for it. Yes, I admit that I have left this blog unattended. I have had trouble managing my time lately. And most of my time on work and drama in my free time. I do have some ideas to create as an entry. But it got stuck when I tried to put it as a draft. So, based on ideas that I have looked for on the Pinterest app is monthly goals.

Monthly Goals 2021

I choose monthly goals ideas because I want to focus on my short term goals. I do have a lot of goals and dreams to accomplish. However, I want to focus on these five goals for this year. There are many reasons that each goal hide and I want to achieve it slowly day by day. I know I still struggle to start it right now due to a lack of self-discipline. But I want to show my own that I can do it. I can accomplish it.

The first goal that I am trying right now is a healthy lifestyle habit. I have tried many supplements and items that I  think I believe can lose some weight. Why lose weight? Since my body weight is not ideal, I am having trouble with my knee and my stamina.

There are 4 types of body shape that I learned is hourglass-shaped, rectangle-shaped, pear-shaped and apple-shaped. I belong to the pear-shaped category. Pear-shaped is where most of the body fat is in between the stomach, the hip and the thighs. Because of that body fat at my body, my smaller knee and calf cannot accommodate my weight. I always got knee pain after a long walk or a simple workout.

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Due to the reasons for the first goal, I take an oath to lose weight 5 to 10kg as my second goal. Before I tell more about what I have done to accomplish this first two goals. I want to be honest about my weight since the first month of 2021. Like I told you guys before in the Preparation for Weight Loss Journey entry. I eat a lot since I attend every banquet or feast that is being held at school. So, my started weight for the year 2021 is 82kg. My ideal weight to get my body mass index (BMI) normal is 65kg. I have decided to join a weight loss program in February.

In this program, I learned calorie deficit, magic hands and more knowledge about our body. We are provided with a meal plan schedule and nutrition kit. As a starter, it might be difficult to control your craving suddenly. But I never regret joining this program because I have fun eating 5 meals per day with group support. The menu is very delicious and good for your body. 

The result after the program is very satisfying. From 82kg in January. My current weight after consuming the nutrition and correct food portion is 74kg. I am so grateful for it. And I am still in the program to reshape my body for healthy purposes. So, I hope I can achieve these two goals before 2021 ends.

Let's continue to the next goal. I want to be a more organized person. I am not a messy person but sometimes I make things messed up. Let's say my room is a bit messy, so I clean it up and make it tidy. After a few days, my room is messy again with boxes, books and stationery. So, I decided to do some makeover in my bedroom. I want it to be more organized and tidy especially with the small stuff. 

My makeover plan will be started after having a desk, a chair and a bookshelf. My room is not quite small and not quite big. Right now, I have a queen bed, two cupboards and a bookshelf. One cupboard was filled with my mom items such as a comforter and luggage. One side of it is filled with my clothes. Another cupboard filled with my dress and baju kurung plus full of boxes. 

Boxes again? Yup, boxes. A bookshelf is full of books of course on the first and last shelf. My cosmetic products in the second shelf and Nurraysa stock on the third shelf. I want to separate my Nurraysa stock to another new bookshelf so I can put my AWB printer, parcels and stickers in it. 

Then, I want to buy a desk and a chair to make up my fourth goal, a mini home office. As an online seller and a part-time blogger, I prefer to do my work on a desk rather than a bed. <--- Of course, I fall asleep after that. I want to put my laptop and its accessories on a desk, so I can do the typing right away. 

I don't have to set up a table anymore and sitting on the floor like right now until my back is in pain. I also can produce more ideas for my blog and make a draft right away. When having a comfortable position to do work or blog post, our mind is in a good state to think and create a better entry. Besides, I want to put all my stationery on the desk, so I can jot down important things on paper. For making these goals coming true. I, Mardhiyyah will try my best in work and try to make my last goal main sources to make other goals a success.

What is the last goal? The goal that people like me having a problem achieving. What it is? Savings money. For now, I start to aim for small amounts of money to be saved so I can accomplish my other goals. My minimum target for this year is RM1000. 

Why? You know I always said to others that I am not kaki shopping. I don't like to shop for a quite long time. I always take 30 minutes to an hour to buy groceries. However, since I got addicted to online shopping  2 years ago. *long sigh* I have spent a lot on wanted and miscellaneous items. And yeah. I regret it after making a long calculation. Huhu. What a waste.

Then, I start to make a change slowly by separating accounts for personal, business and savings. And promise myself don't touch any money in business and savings account for my own good. For my future. It started with a positive mindset and my BIG WHY to achieve it. 

I know sometimes, when you are in a desperate moment you don't want to ask for help from parents or siblings. You want to use your own money. Because it is for you. You want to be independent. You are the one that wants to help people. To help people in need. Because you've been there. So, these five goals that I want to commit to this whole year. A healthy lifestyle habit, loss of weight, be organized, a mini home office and savings of RM 1K is a starter in achieving my dreams.

I hope every step that I take give me a positive reason to make up for the future. I know I am still at the beginner level. But I want to take the action NOW! I don't want to regret it later. So, wish me luck in succeeding in these monthly goals. I hope your goals and dreams are being accomplished day by day. Thank you so much for reading.

Love ya,
Mardhiyyah Rosli

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